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Making a grand entrance on prom night: Tips & ideas

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The prom night is a great time for girls to really go to town and adorn a stunning gown with all the accessories. If you’re looking to turn heads when you arrive, there’s a lot to consider.

Here are a few tips to ensure that everyone notices your arrival on prom night:

Pro hairstyle and makeup

Why not have a professional touch with your makeup? Talk to your hairstylist about a classic up-do and start looking at a few images.

After receiving the gown, you can build your look around that. With a few dress rehearsals, you’ll be confident on the big night.

Want to revamp your look with makeup for the big night? Check out this full face makeover guide.

Rent a limo for prom night

If you want a really spectacular entrance, roll up in a white limo, with a chauffeur to open the door. Make a movie star entrance as you step out of the vehicle, have all your friends take pics, and post them on Instagram.

You will know how the Hollywood film star feels as she heads for the Oscar Awards. Maybe you will even borrow mom’s diamond jewelry for this one-off event. Imagine you are off to a charity ball or to the premiere of your latest movie.

Complement your partner

Whoever you choose to be your date, try to create a look that matches their style. You could go for a 1920s look, with you in a mermaid dress and him wearing a tweed 3-piece suit.

Prepare your arrival at the prom night venue

Find the ideal place to step out of the car and see how the lighting is and ask your friends to meet you there. Of course, if you want to create even more impact on your arrival, you need to be a few minutes late to make sure everyone is present.

Have a dress rehearsal

This should include your shoes, jewelry, accessories, and hairdo, and take a few selfies as a keepsake. Once that’s done, walk around for a while, do a few twirls, and start to feel more comfortable. It might not sound important, but a dress rehearsal can boost self-confidence when attending such an important event.

Go for a designer dress

Of course, you shouldn’t forget about what you wear. The ultimate in style and elegance would be a designer dress and if you would like to view fishtail prom dresses, search for the online designer dress boutique.

You’ll find a beautiful gown to be the center of attraction. Choose a color that complements your skin tone, hair color, and makeup. Then, spend time choosing the accessories to be ready for a spectacular entrance.

Sourcing a designer dress for prom night

You may already have a style in mind, or you are open to ideas. It is important to choose a dress style that complements your shape. Luckily, there are wonderful online designer dress boutiques to conveniently find a great dress online, rather than spending a lot of time going store to store.

Simply search Google to find a leading online boutique and once on their website, you can search by designer, style, or price in the desired size. Order leaving enough time to have the dress altered by a local seamstress, and you can be sure you will be ready on the day of the prom.

Top photo via Unsplash, modified by size and adding purple borders

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  1. Great advice, Christy and I hope the proms can go ahead next year here in the U.K. Instead of hiring a limo my son and his friends went in a classic car … but a small one and a bit of a squeeze for the tall guys! But they had a lot of fun and good photo opportunities!

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