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What sets a leader apart?

What sets a leader apart?

Within the past several years, people have been talking a lot more about the word “leadership.” When thinking of a leader, many people think of managers or bosses in the workplace, or perhaps those who are considered influential individuals. But, if these roles have always been around, why is leadership only now becoming a more popular topic? The answer is that there a change is happening in peoples’ identity of what sets a leader apart.

Good vs. bad

When it comes to what makes a leader great, some might look at examples of those who are seen as being good versus those who are bad in their important roles. However, this way of thinking is flawed as no one is all good or all bad. An individual may mismanage employees at work, for example, but be an amazing parent at home.

Also, pinning down the exact qualities that make that leader ineffective is not always easy. Similarly, it can be difficult to determine what exactly makes a leader great at what they do.

However, it’s not hard for people to label someone as a good or bad leader. Judgment can be quick to make (and have long-term effects).

So, what exactly sets a leader apart?

Experts have been taking a close look at individuals considered to be great leaders, with the goal of determining what set them apart from the rest. Was it their power over others? Their ability to gain control? Or was it their empathy, and their willingness to work alongside those they were leading?

In a business setting, leaders are often those who are in management positions. Managers, supervisors, and team leads are most commonly given the leader label. Very few know better than Michael Canzian that these leaders are most likely to be successful when they encourage their team members to become their best selves and improve individuals to better achieve the goals of the entire team.

By empowering and uplifting those on the team, rather than beating them down and trying to maintain control, these leaders have one reward that other leaders will be lacking. That reward is loyalty from those who they are leading.

Being an example for others

A strong leader leads by example. They are accountable for their decisions and own up to their mistakes, (as no one is perfect and mistakes will be made).

A successful leader constantly self-evaluates how they are performing and where they could stand to improve. These self-checks are beneficial both for the leaders themselves and those they are leading.

Humility also sets a leader apart

Above all else, leaders have a strong sense of humility. After all, no one can lead without anyone to be led. Many effective leaders start from the bottom and build themselves up, developing their humble attitude along the way.

For any in a position of leadership, especially in business, taking a look at what makes an impressive leader will be beneficial for everyone. It just may be the difference between being a leader who inspires the next generation and one who does not have this lasting impact.

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  1. petespringerauthor

    The best leaders are doers and not just talkers. I want to work for someone who inspires through their own actions. Another aspect that makes a great leader in my opinion is they value everyone in the organization and make them feel important from the custodian to upper management.

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