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5 great ways to inspire your team

Inspire your team

Whether you’re leading a department or an entire company, you’ll need to find effective ways to inspire staff. When employees are energized, it makes for a happier working environment, but it also has a positive impact on productivity. With so many benefits associated with inspiring your staff, doing so ought to be a top priority. Here’s how to do it:

1. Establish brand values

Brand values are an important way of building a relationship with your target audience, but they also have a positive effect on in-house performance. When staff are all working to the same broad objectives and promoting the same values, it fosters a cohesive environment. Furthermore, having overarching values that govern your operations gives employees an added sense of purpose and a determination to succeed.

2. Provide timely feedback

Annual or ad-hoc appraisals can have a variable impact on team performance as they’re often arbitrary and lack context. When you provide timely feedback, however, you can ensure that employees get the support they need, when they need it.

Additionally, regular feedback allows workers to make positive changes and optimize outcomes at an earlier stage. That has clear benefits for the organization as a whole.

Using a dedicated performance management system gives you the scope to automate this aspect of your operations and incentivize employees. With StaffCircle’s performance management tools, for example, you can provide real-time feedback, set development objectives, deliver 360 appraisals and much more.

3. Lead by example

When you’re in a leadership role, it is essential to gain the trust and respect of your colleagues and this means that you need to practice what you preach. If you lead by example, your employees will value your honesty and integrity and model this behaviour in their own professional lives.

Also, leading by example gives you an authentic insight into the obstacles faced by in-house staff. It enables you to make meaningful changes too that benefit the workforce and the business as a whole.

4. Provide promotion opportunities

Staff won’t feel inspired if they don’t have the opportunity to progress, which is why training and promotions are an integral element of staff development. It’s vital to recognize the professional ambitions of your staff and ensure they feel supported in a home office or elsewhere.

Doing so will inspire staff to realize their potential and gain their loyalty. That can reduce your employee turnover rate.

5. Value your team

Every member of your staff plays an important role in the company’s overall performance, and they deserve to be valued accordingly. By treating staff well, actively listening to their feedback and recognizing the critical role they play, you can inspire them.

People tend to work harder and more efficiently when they feel appreciated at work. So, this is one easy yet effective way to inspire your staff to reach new heights.

Create a forward-thinking workforce

A proactive and motivated workforce is integral to commercial success, which is why people management tools and systems should be part of your organization. By nurturing, motivating and inspiring your team, you can get the most out of your teams and create a positive workplace culture.

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