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Technology-related jobs still vital in UK employment market, data shows

Technology-related jobs in UK

The pandemic has been very challenging for many individuals and businesses. Many UK residents lost their jobs in the process as some businesses could not keep up during the lockdown pressure. Today, the UK is fast returning to business ways, with more organizations, especially in the technology sector, already recruiting talents again. Some sectors may not be progressing from the lockdown impact, meaning one would have to up-skill into a progressing industry to become gainfully employed.

Thankfully, with continuing professional development, you can redefine your skills for the new trends. Continuing Professional Development (CPD) has a whole lot for employees and employers, and the idea is to streamline post-pandemic activities and experiences.

Considering the overwhelming changes in the UK job market, the CPD Standards Office analyzed Glassdoor UK to establish the impact of technology-related jobs and others in the industry, how they are hiring and the parts of the UK with the most available jobs.

What parts of the UK recognize technology-related jobs the most?

According to the survey, UK Glassdoor research data shows London, the capital city, with the most advertised jobs, recording 27.85%. Apart from the Southern cities, northern cities, including Leeds, Manchester, and Glasgow, are also shown to have the most advertised available technology-related positions in the UK. These northern cities combine for a total of 34%.

Technology-related jobs available in the UK and today’s impact

The first tech-related vacant sector is digital marketing representatives, making up 1.97% of job availability via UK Glassdoor. The next in line is the marketing manager’s role, which makes up 2% of job availability in the UK.

This trend is a result of the recent surge in online activities. More people are transacting online, and this owes to COVID, and the forced laws of social distancing and traveling restrictions.

In terms of online language learning, including natural and fictional languages, at least 10% of UK residents were learning a new or second language(s) second over the lockdown. Online language training roles, following the survey, take up 0.46% of available job roles. As a confirmation, Duolingo, a language learning application, recorded a 300% surge in recent months, requiring more talents needed to manage members.

The gaming sector is also seeing a surge with more people working from home. There is the time to leisurely play games, and some organizations have integrated gaming as a method to improve employee engagement. Gaming jobs are shown to occupy 0.46% of total advertised jobs on

Post-COVID tech impact: How digital marketing professionals are upsurging the UK economy

This post-COVID time means technology-related jobs are the leading jobs among industries. Digital marketing, for instance, is serving as a significant solution for business promotions, and businesses require even more hands to drive leads. Faced with competition, more and more digital marketers are now seen as a replacement for traditional advertising. Social media managers are another popular job option.

More than 85,000 businesses are going virtual, and at least 75% of buyers now want it online. This also edges digital marketing over many jobs in the UK.

Other leading tech-related sectors include gaming and online language learning solutions. With more people working from home, there is a tendency that more time would be given to leisurely activities, including gaming and new language acquisitions.

Since more people are now patronizing online businesses, you would have to upskill in the tech sphere to cover your bills by having the skills employers are looking for, due to demand.

How CPD benefits improve opportunities in technology-related jobs

Here are some ways that CPD can help employees:

  • Enhance employee confidence. You need that confidence to stand a chance against many job seekers, especially if you are just shifting to a new industry. It is for this reason that continuing professional education is designed to remake your thinking and make your level of confidence enough to defend your abilities.
  • Skills renewal. CPD understands the growing trend and is constantly updated to feed you the emerging ideas required in any technology-related field. This is especially helpful for employees and professionals who are switching industries. As an employee, you can become trendy in other fields so that you increase your chance of taking up new roles in the organization.
  • Global recognition. CPD is globally recognized and employers get the impression that you are studded with the relevant skills for the task. With your other qualifications intact, CPD certification boosts your CV, and can even earn you a new role in the company.

Employers also gain from CPD in the following ways:

  • Employee motivation. Your employees need the boosts, and your HR wants to keep them motivated to work. In this regard, you can start and track CPD programs in your company to keep employees on their toes to want to impress and feel fulfilled in their roles.
  • Ensuring high standards. You are basically ensuring high standards when your employees acquire new ideas and keep up to date with trends. It also makes your company compliant and every employee feels on top of the world and works confidently.
  • Retains top-performing talents. If your employees are not learning from work, they might not be happy. You want to invest in their abilities, at least also for the sake of the company because an employee facilitated with the right skills will apply it to the job for better results.
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