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4 great charities to support women and girls

Charities support women, girls

Women’s issues have become one of the main talking points in recent years. There has been a resurgence in interest in causes supporting women’s rights in the modern world in recent history. Campaigns like #MeToo and International Women’s Day have gained considerable traction and changed the conversation about women’s rights and issues. There is also a growing number of charities to support women and girls.

4 charities to help support women and girls

As there is still so much to do, supporting organizations for women and girls is essential. Here are some charities you could get behind and help raise funds to further an important cause.

1. Helen Keller International (HKI)

This organization has been around for a long time. Its roots go back to the early 20th century, and it was founded to help fight global health issues like blindness and malnutrition. The charity has programs across 21 nations in Africa, Asia, and the United States.

Generally, women and children are more likely to be victims of extreme poverty across the globe. As a result, they are also more likely to experience preventable health conditions associated with this. Therefore the HKI focuses its efforts on these demographics.

Overall, this charity makes a huge difference by treating curable conditions for the less fortunate. So, if you want to play a role in solving problems like cataracts, river blindness, and access to food, consider supporting this non-profit.

2. Camfed

Camfed was founded in 1993. Its mission is to alleviate poverty in African nations by providing education opportunities for young girls. The ultimate goal is to develop young and aspirational individuals who traditionally wouldn’t be able to access education into the leaders of tomorrow.

The charity partners with some 6,000 schools across the continent to support girls in school. Their focus is primarily on more rural areas that do not receive enough help from local authorities. Camfed has helped many young girls progress through education and advocate for change.

The charity takes a broad approach to the issues preventing young girls from attending school. So, it solves problems like transport, fees, and even child marriage to promote education.

3. National Women’s Law Center (NWLC)

This women’s rights charity takes an active problem-solving role in almost any issue women face in the USA. Founded in 1972, the NWLC has focused on the rights of working and low-income women. Its area of activity is broad, but some of the main areas it covers are sexual harassment and pay disparities in the workplace.

The NWLC seeks to promote policies and laws to help women and girls achieve their potential at each stage of their lives and development, from schools to the workplace and at home. If you are looking for a charity to support that covers LGBTQ+ rights, the #MeToo movement, pay equity, and more, this one might be the right choice for you.

4. Girls Not Brides

Child marriage is a significant problem globally. The issue is described as a formal or informal arrangement of marriage where one or both partners are under 18.

Around the world, approximately 12 million girls become child brides annually. This causes health problems, educational deficits, deaths in childbirth, and domestic violence.

While this might seem like a problem exclusive to the developing world, it is not unheard of in the United States. Many states still allow the practice in their legislation.

Girls Not Brides works alongside around 1500 organizations from 100 countries to fight this persistent issue. The charity allows you to choose between various projects when you donate, so you can choose something you’re passionate about.

How to support these charities for women and girls

You can support these charities through direct donations to their fundraising drives. However, if you are truly passionate about a cause and want to make a more significant difference, you could always consider your own fundraising effort.

Whether you opt to do something bold and challenging, like a fun run to raise money or share their message across your social media accounts, you can make a massive difference in terms of finances and awareness. Doing charity for your local community and people worldwide is more important than ever.

Another means of raising funds that are becoming more popular in the digital era is using fundraising platforms to spread a message far and wide. These platforms allow individuals to donate relatively small amounts.

However, since their reach can be enormous, they can stimulate thousands of donations across the globe, resulting in a huge influx of cash for non-profits. One such platform is Givebutter, and it can be used to raise money and promote causes you care about effectively.

Concluding words on charities supporting women and girls

In summary, these are some of the best organizations you can support to further women’s rights domestically and internationally. While the representation and rights of women have come a long way in recent years, persistent issues still need to be resolved. Supporting causes like these and using modern tools to raise awareness are brilliant ways to enhance the quality of life for women worldwide.

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