On International Women’s Day 2020: You Matter

International Women's Day 2020

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The theme for the 2020 International Women’s Day is #BecauseOfYou. Last year’s #BalanceforBetter brought light to the gender gap in employment, notably the shortage of females in STEM fields.

This year’s #BecauseOfYou theme is about paying tribute to those women who inspire us as we move toward the goal of gender equality. Today, I have two words for you:

You matter.

You are the reason why this blog exists. The achievements of females are amazing and deserve to get the spotlight time and again. Your leadership and accomplishments often inspire me and make me want to do more.

Whether you realize it or not, you are having an impact on the world, whether it be locally or on a global scale. It is important to know that you can make that impact a positive one that leaves those around you all the better for knowing you.

If you are saying to yourself, “my life doesn’t matter,” I want you to think again. It could be that you’re touching lives without even realizing it. For example:

#BecauseOfYou someone smiled today

#BecauseOfYou someone thought differently about a valuable topic

#BecauseOfYou there was a small business received a positive review

#BecauseOfYou being a mentor, someone received the guidance they needed

#BecauseOfYou that volunteer position got filled

#BecauseOfYou there is joy in someone’s day today

There are many ways to put a sparkle in a person’s day and, in turn, make your own day special. By continuing to show our best selves, women reveal why we are such a valuable and contributing part of communities and the world as a whole.

Wishing you an amazing International Women’s Day 2020!

This post is also available in: French


  1. #BecauseOfYou , Christy, you helped me through a difficult time & I am better in mind & almost body. I thank you for your friendship.

    Don’t know why I ended up on that comment as a reply !!?

    • Hi Pete, I see you here and I’m so thankful! Especially in this difficult time in the world, knowing you feel this way is amazing. By the way you helped me too!

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