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Manager development: 5 tips for developing supervisory skills

Manager development

In a corporate world that is constantly changing, the key to the success of any business is great managers. These professionals ensure the smooth running of a company, as well as high employee productivity and constant progression. Continual manager development is necessary to update skills and maintain an understanding of the business for it to thrive. If you’re a passionate manager who commits to becoming the best you can be, this blueprint for developing supervisory skills will help you reach your potential.

5 suggestions for manager development:

1. Set goals

As a manager, encourage an increase in productivity for yourself and your employees by setting tangible goals. These objectives will give you something to work towards each day and keep you motivated to progress continually. Identify company goals and create targets for your team to reach as they journey toward each goal’s finish line.

Make sure these goals are measurable, as well, so you can easily track them and see how everyone is progressing. There are some useful goal-tracking templates online you can use that will help you break everything down and accurately record them.

2. Identify where to improve

No one is perfect. Not even managers. A huge part of being a manager is to put the ego aside, admit when you’re wrong, and always look for ways to improve both yourself and the surrounding situations.

Identify where your strengths and weaknesses lie and always be looking to grow your skillset. There are many fantastic corporate training courses available where you can learn practical management skills that you can easily apply to your position.

3. Encourage open communication

Maintaining a level of respect throughout business interactions is essential for it to run smoothly. Encouraging open communication between yourself and your employees will ensure that any issues are identified rather than suppressed.

It’s essential as a manager to understand your employees and their needs. The happier they are, the more productive they are, and the less turnover you will experience then.

Your employees can also teach you a lot about your management skills. Encourage them to be open with you about your performance and take their feedback on board.

4. Manager development: Stay organized

The most ineffective bosses are the ones who are all over the place. Since you’re managing many things at one time, the key to manager development is to stay ridiculously organized.

Aim to be the most organized person in the workplace and know how to access any information you need with one click. There are many software solutions available that can help you with project management and meeting/calendar management as well.

5. Give recognition for good work

As a leader, your team looks to you for support and approval. It’s essential to have a reliable feedback system in place, therefore, where you can have an open discussion about their performance.

Show them that both you and the company as a whole appreciate their efforts. Give recognition and reward for quality work.

Be specific when you explain what you like about their work, rather than making a generalization. It will reiterate that you respect them, and they will respect you in turn.

Employees will feel positive about their development when they receive praise for it. It will also encourage other employees to produce quality work, as they will have the motivation to perform.

Your thoughts on manager development

What are some other strategies for developing supervisory skills? Do you continually try to improve on your work performance?

7 thoughts on “Manager development: 5 tips for developing supervisory skills”

  1. Many years have passed since I retired from the work environment, but I am still reading something about business administration. These recommendations are essential for a company to function and it all depends on how the manager manages the progress of the company. Very important points that must be taken into account. An article worth reading for its high business content. Greetings.

    1. I appreciate your support and am wishing you well in retirement. Great that you continue to learn and stay up to date in the industry.

    2. It is a way of not losing the habit of when I worked. Plus you have some awesome items. They are according to how technology has advanced and that seems very important to me. I enjoy reading your blog.

  2. petespringerauthor

    The best bosses recognize the efforts of EVERYONE in a company or group from the Vice-President to a hard working maintenance employee.

  3. I praying for these leaders. Because these are strong tips that many lack. It’s hurting the economy and employees. Many are under a heavy weight and pressure because of lack of managerial skills.

    Like you said, there is always room to grow. We all need each other to succeed. But somehow we lose respect for those under us and lead by dictatorship. Its disturbing and hurtful to see it.

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