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How to comfort and soothe a fussy baby

Soothe a fussy baby

Babies communicate with their cries, and it could mean so many different things. They cry to mark their arrival into the world, tell their parents they are hungry, show they are in pain, or just bored. This means that they cry A LOT, and that can be frustrating. Consoling fussy babies can be challenging, especially if you are new at parenting. So, if you are struggling to soothe your fussy baby and nothing seems to work, here are some tricks to make your little ones feel better. With a little bit of patience and lots of practice, you’ll easily be able to figure out what best suits your little one.

Find what works for feeding

Newbie parents must keep track of their babies’ feeding schedules. Newborn babies need to be nursed or given bottles every few hours, making it around eight to 12 times in 24 hours. If your little ones are crying, then there’s a good chance that it’s time for their lunch.

So, when your cutie starts crying, think about the last time you fed them. If you see other signs of hunger, such as lip-smacking, you should know that your babies are all set to eat again.

Also, if you are feeding baby formula to your munchkin, make sure it’s at the right temperature. You can also use baby feeding products such as feeding bottles or measuring spoons to feed your little one properly.

After you are done with the feeding part, it would be best to burp your babies by gently patting their backs. This will help in relieving gas right away. After that, they might be happy and play with their toys again.

Try to make your babies comfortable

One of the major reasons why babies cry constantly is because they feel uncomfortable in their surroundings. You should know that babies love a cozy and packed environment ever since they were in their mothers’ wombs. Thus, swaddling your babies in a cozy, lightweight blanket might make them feel secure and warm.

Another reason why your little ones might be feeling uncomfortable is because of their sore gums. You should know that a teething baby might even keep you up all night. In that case, consider introducing your little ones to teethers and help them comfort their sore gums.

Soothe a fussy baby by using distractions

Babies get bored lying down in a stroller and looking at the same bland scenes. That’s why they cry to attract attention. So, if your little ones are crying, even if they are well-fed and changed, then you need to use certain distraction techniques to keep them entertained.

Try turning on soft music or go for a stroll in the park, offer a pacifier, or bring in your little one’s favorite toys. You can also consider giving your babies massages or simply cuddling to fix the cranky mood.

Summary of ways to soothe a fussy baby

If your babies are crying and literally nothing seems to console them, you need to seek medical assistance as soon as possible. In some cases, the reasons for constant tears could be underlying medical issues, such as ear infections.

So, take care of your little ones and try to comfort them using the soothing tips mentioned above whenever they start crying. Do you have other suggestions? Share them below!

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  1. I had to come and read this post, Christy, because I had the world’s worst babies. Real howlers they were. It was so bad with Greg I used to bath him 5 times a day because the water soothed him. I can remember feeling sympathetic towards women who ended up abusing their babies. I never felt that way myself but I could understand how someone could go over the edge with a baby like Greg. Of course, He has turned out to be a real brain box which is probably why he was so easily overstimulated as a baby.

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