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Choosing your dream wedding dress: 9 things to know

Wedding dress shopping

You received a stunning engagement ring, and now the big day is approaching. Choosing your dream wedding dress is a big decision. But it doesn’t have to be scary or intimidating. Let’s take a look at the things you need to know before making a choice.

What to know about wedding dress stores

First, if you are looking for something in a specific color that isn’t on the racks at that store – don’t worry! Most stores work with other vendors and can order dresses for you, so they get there in time. Secondly, most stores carry dresses in sizes 0-28 (or bigger), so no one has to feel like they can never find their perfect dress because of their size.

Moreover, you can also look for some fantastic wedding dresses available on Dhgate and other accessories and jewelry. This blog post will discuss nine things you need to know before entering the store.

1. Be prepared for bridal sizing

In most cases, you will need to try on many renaissance wedding dresses before you find your perfect one. Bridal stores have a variety of sizes for all different shapes and figures. The great idea is to bring someone with you who can be objective – like your best friend, sister-to-be, or mom.

2. Shop for your true size

A dress that is too small will not only look unflattering on your body type but may also be uncomfortable. If the size tag says you are a size 16 and you’re ordering online for the first time, order at least one to two sizes larger than what would typically fit in most stores.

3. Figure out your budget

It can be helpful to have a budget set before you start shopping. If you don’t know how much money you want to spend, check out the average cost of wedding dresses in your area on sites like The Knot or WeddingWire to get an idea of what’s available for your price range.

4. Decide wedding theme beforehand

There are so many different wedding themes available today that it can be challenging to decide which one you want your dress to match. A good starting point is to decide on a theme you and your spouse-to-be are both excited about.

5. Choose your shopping crew wisely

Consider the different tastes and preferences of your shopping crew. You might want them to help pick out dresses, but not too opinionated. These special people can also help you pick a beautiful decor scheme, such as trending dusty rose wedding color palettes. Dusty rose is romantic and chic.

6. Choose your silhouette

Silhouette is a word that covers the basic shape of your dress. This can cover everything from short dresses to long gowns and much more. You will want to choose what type of silhouette you are most comfortable with, as this will make it easier for you when it comes time to pick fabric options.

7. Consider using shorter lengths

Consider dresses that hit above or around the knee. You might be pleasantly surprised at how different they can make you feel.

8. Fabric is important

What fabric you choose for your dress is an important decision. Some materials are more durable and easier to clean than others, so consider this when making your choice.

9. Consider how you feel in the dress

How you feel in the dress is essential. If it does not make you feel beautiful, there’s no point in buying that dress. Hopefully, this guide helps you make the right and informed decision about your wedding dress.

1 thought on “Choosing your dream wedding dress: 9 things to know”

  1. My advice, as a Designer for movies who has designed many weddings, is take heed of all of Christie’s advice.
    I always say, when planning a wedding, the dress comes first.
    DO NOT plan the dress around the wedding, plan the wedding around the dress.
    The dress is the peacock of the wedding.
    I suggest shopping in January – March.
    I’m not a fan of buying something like a gown on line. However, you may live in an inconvenient place for gown shopping.
    In a city, there are many Bridal Shops.
    In big cities there are wholesale Bridal companies.
    You will find in the off season that both will have BIG sales.
    You will find a dress that is ALMOST perfect, for less $$ than you could ever imagine.

    Take the dress to an accomplished seamstress and have the neckline, waist, hem, sleeves and/or fit perfected.

    In the end you will have a one of a kind!


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