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Is investing in quality clothing worth it?

Quality clothing or not?

Treating ourselves to some new clothing is a cheap thrill that many of us enjoy when we’ve got some spare cash. However, with exploitative practices dominating the world of fast fashion, politicians and consumers alike are beginning to turn their backs on fast fashion. As a result, many people are considering creating a timeless collection of high-quality clothing that can act as an investment and stand the test of time. So, you may be wondering whether you should too? My answer to that is, yes, I think so.

Why is it worth investing in clothes?

People often sit in two camps. There are those who buy lots of cheap clothing and those who invest in key pieces to stand the test of time. While there is nothing wrong with either approach, many consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the environmental and social impacts of fast fashion.

Although some people will think that buying cheap pieces is kinder on your bank balance, that isn’t necessarily the case. Fast fashion often results in poor-quality garments that don’t last as long. So, although you may spend more initially, the quality clothing you buy is likely to last far longer than cheaper-made ones.

Although it’s important to be financially aware so you can make better purchases and avoid overspending, investing in clothes is definitely worthwhile if you can afford the initial outlay. If you’re considering investing in clothes, here are great benefits.

They generate a return on investment

Firstly, the high-quality clothes you buy today will always sell. Although they may not be the latest hot trend, quality lasts a lifetime.

In short? Once you’re done with the item, someone else will be happy to pay for it. If you get your hands on a popular type of garment, you never know – it may turn out to be a vintage classic! If so, you may even make a profit.

You’ll be more comfortable

High-end fashion companies use the finest materials and fibers, such as high-end silk. It’s the kind that allows you to move freely as they are tailored to your shape. Fast fashion on the other hand use mass-produced, affordable fabrics that are far less comfortable to wear.

If you’re serious about comfort, then you’ll want to consider investing in high-end fashion like camo pants, silky white shirts, and more.

Investing in quality clothing positively impacts the planet

If you decide to invest in clothing, your wallet and the planet will thank you. According to research, the fast fashion industry produces 10% of the world’s CO2 emissions yearly and uses 1.5 gallons of water.  This combined with the fact that the fast fashion industry is booming doesn’t bode well for the planet.

However, by investing in clothes you will wear for years to come, you’ll end up buying less in the long run. The result? Lessened demand for fast fashion and a slowed rate of global warming.

The bottom line on quality clothing

Although it can be tempting to buy clothes at rock-bottom prices, there are consequences for doing so. From the social and environmental impacts to a false economy, fast fashion isn’t always the best option.

If you’re wanting to switch up your wardrobe – why not consider investing this time?

2 thoughts on “Is investing in quality clothing worth it?”

  1. YES!!!
    Fast fashion is not only helping to kill the planet, it has already ruined the careers of small local designers, and their boutiques.
    I started with Amazon, now I boycott all fast fashion stores.

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