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Spotting the signs of abuse in a marriage

Signs of abuse in marriage

But as a friend looking in, how do you spot the signs of abuse in a marriage? Or, that at the very least, they need professional help to address issues in their relationship?

The end of the marriage

Sadly, across the world, each day sees the end of marriages for many different reasons. At the same time, many of these unions reach their natural conclusion and are inevitable in some ways. Others are the result of abuse or toxic behavior.

In many cases, women bear the brunt of poor behavior and an inability to control, and poor choices from their spouses. However, more men are now coming forward and sharing how they are victims of abusive and coercive relationships with their female or male partners.

How to spot the signs of abuse in a relationship?

Here are some signs to watch for as a caring friend or family member.

Loss of confidence

This can happen as the other person in the relationship works to undermine them. The abuser strips them of any independence, looking to have them solely rely on them for everything.

Financial abuse

Not being able to make even small purchases or financial decisions without approval, or even at all, is another sign of abuse within the relationship. Financial abuse is extremely prevalent in toxic relationships and is a way to make sure the abused doesn’t leave the abuser.


Becoming withdrawn, losing contact with friends and family for seemingly no reason, or criticism of a spouse can indicate that things are difficult in the marriage and they need help. This infographic from Spokane Law Group Los Angeles has some shocking information surrounding divorce. Reputable divorce attorneys can help you understand your next course of action about leaving an abusive relationship.

Infographic Created By Spodek Law Group Los Angeles

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