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These bad house habits attract burglars

House habits and burglaries

The rate of houses broken into is shockingly high in North America, and you would likely do everything possible to avoid being counted in the burglary stats. Believe it or not, burglars have criteria when it comes to which house to take a chance and break into next. You might be wondering if your home security meets the standards of avoiding a burglary. It is best to install a reputable home security system and avoid these bad habits that may attract burglars into your humble abode. 

Letting the grass grow

During the summer months, families are often away on vacation, and there are a few signs that indicate your absence. If you have a massive yard with a lawn, make sure that the yard looks clean and trimmed while you’re away. Yes, even if that means hiring someone to come over to maintain the grass and bushes or asking a friend to do so.

Having outgrown grass and bushes allows burglars to creep in without neighbors noticing, giving them an accessible entrance through the first-floor windows and front door. So, to avoid making your house an easy target, keep all bushes and shrubs trimmed, as well as the back trees on your property.

Lights off, nobody home

When burglars break into a house, they try to do it as quickly as possible, taking an average of only 8-10 minutes. Among the top things taken are cash, jewelry, and small electronics, such as iPads.

Their biggest fear is likely running into someone inside the house during the robbery. When you have all your lights off at home indicates that you’re either not home or fast asleep.

A dark home is one of the easiest targets for burglars, offering them an additional hiding advantage just by crouching. A well-lit home makes burglars skeptical and keeps them away.

However, this does not mean running up your electricity bill unnecessarily. The best way to provide nightly lighting is by using motion sensors.

Leave everything on the table

When burglars decide to break into the house, best believe they have done a bit of their homework first. They may have walked past your place a few times.

In doing so, they are looking for clues and potential valuables. Ultimately, though, they want to know if breaking into that house worth it.

Leaving valuables like laptops, jewelry, and mobile phones in plain sight makes burglars interested in breaking into your home. The best practice is to stow your valuables securely, in a safe, or somewhere in your drawers. Properly securing your valuables makes it difficult for thieves to find them, and they could leave empty-handed.

Daily routine

Sometimes, all it takes for a burglar to research and understand your home security is watching your daily routine. The thief might only live a few blocks away, and knowing someone’s daily routine is not rocket science.

They can find the best time to be in your area, and knowing your daily routine makes it more accessible. Sometimes, it’s not so easy to change routine, of course. A prime example is if you have a fixed work schedule.

When possible, try to negotiate to work at different times with your boss, perhaps altering your work times by an hour or two. If you can work from home, choose extra days of the week to do so.

The goal is to have an unpredictable schedule for a person from the outside. That way, burglars will be less interested in targeting your home.

Do you have any of these bad habits that could make your home a target for a burglary?

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