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Celebrating baby’s first birthday with these 4 tips

Baby's first birthday

Your child’s first birthday is such a special time. They’ve been in the world and part of your life for a whole year. Where has that time gone? Having a party for your child’s first birthday is a great opportunity for you to celebrate this new part of life. Plus, it means you can bring your loved ones together, provided it is safe to do so. How can you plan a wonderful first birthday?

Make it memorable

Even though your little one won’t remember the day, you still want to make it as memorable as possible. You can show them memorabilia from the day when they’re older.

You could film your baby reacting to their first-ever birthday cake. Take plenty of photos, too.

You can keep their first birthday cards and invites from the day. It can make for a lovely gift when your baby is older.

Party proof your house

There are plenty of ways to prepare for a first birthday. With your baby turning one, it’s crawling, climbing, and walking time so safety gates and guards are essential.

Keep an eye out for hazards, such as forks or easily-swallowed objects. Keep breakables and valuables out of the way. Make sure there’s plenty of floor space for your baby, and others, to play alongside each other.

Ready for adults

There won’t only be children at this party, so make sure you’re prepared for the adults too. Your child’s first birthday is a great opportunity to get lots of your loved ones together in the same place.

Make sure to have a good selection of food and drinks, and remember to check about allergies. A top party hosting tip – keep the food simple. You’ve got enough on your shoulders without having to worry about fancy canapes.

Enjoy yourself

The day is not only your child’s birthday, but it also marks the first year of being a parent. You deserve to enjoy the day, too.

Don’t just be the photographer or be constantly checking everyone is ok. Take time to enjoy the party yourself.

Chat with your friends. Be in photos yourself.

Put down your phone and just enjoy being with your loved ones. You’ll only get to celebrate your child’s first birthday once.

Your child’s first birthday is a special time for you and your family. Whichever way you choose to celebrate the day, take the time to appreciate your little one. They’ll be growing up so quickly. How are you going to spend your child’s first birthday?

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