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How to prioritize your health: The time is now

how to prioritize your health

It’s not always easy to make your own health a priority. When you’re busy, it can seem hard to make time for healthy things. Maybe you have work and family going on, and you’re not sure if you have time to put anything else high on the daily list. With the tips below, though, you can easily find out how to prioritize your health – mentally and physically – so that you get more out of life, starting now.

Make time to workout

I know, I know. Between errands, kids’ sports, and job deadlines, the spare moments in the day are few. But, working out can make such a difference to your health, so you need to make it high on the to-do list.

Even if you just take a short walk, it can help you to feel more energized, help your body, and make sure that you’re as healthy as you can be. Schedule this activity or another form of exercise on set days and stick to the calendar. Hold yourself accountable for it, just as you would do with a work meeting.

If your friend wants to see you, why not suggest that you get some exercise together? That way you get the social time and stay fit at the same time.

Prioritize your health by getting more rest

As well as getting more active, it’s essential to take time to rest. Yes, that means creating and maintaining balance.

Making an effort to get some rest might seem counterintuitive but if you find it hard to relax like me then you totally get what I’m saying here. If you are go-go-go all the time, you can reach exhaustion, and then you’re going to have to take a break from your job, exercise, and more.

Instead, take a rest regularly, even just for a half-hour, and you’ll charge up your personal “batteries” to be able to give more to family, work, and anything else you deem important.

The key here is slowing down more. It can really help your health.

See your doctor more

Are you seeing your doctor? Even a telephone appointment to check in with the professional can be helpful if in-person visits aren’t happening during the pandemic.

See about getting routine checkups too so that if there is anything amiss, your GP will know about it right away. Ignoring things won’t ever make you healthier – it could just make it worse.

Plus, if you have any worries or concerns, ask your doctor. Whether that’s about something specific like arterial vs venous ulcers or to test for things. Just by making this move, you’re showing that your health is a priority.

Be more intentional

Ensure that you are much more intentional with your health and well-being too. Setting daily intentions here can help.

When you are more present and focus on being happier and healthier, it’s more likely to happen. S,o you just need to think about what you want to do to help your mind and body each day and see it through.

It could be that you practice gratitude by writing 5 things in a journal at the end of each day that you are thankful for in life. Or, perhaps you meditate at home a few times a week. Another way to be intentional is to create a personal mantra.

Be good to your body

Finally, take a step back to check whether you’re being kind to your body in any and every way possible. This is something that can take many forms.

It could be eating well and making sure that you get the nutrients needed, but then also forgiving yourself if you make bad food choices for a few days. You’re also allowed a day off now and then and don’t have to be perfect. Find more mental tricks for staying active here.

Taking action to deal with habits that may be damaging your health is another crucial step towards feeling better. If you are drinking more than you would like, an online sobriety course could provide the help that you need to stop excessive drinking from impacting your health.

This all ties into how you manage your mental health. Positive self-talk can put you in a better mood and give you the confidence to try more things.

Setting a good example for your kids

As well as prioritizing your health, you should also ensure that your children understand the importance of taking care of their bodies. More than ever we need to instill in our little ones how fun and exhilarating exercise can be. Whether you enroll them in boarding school athletics or you seek out a local sports team for them to join, there are so many ways to help your child understand the importance of physical activity.

Youngsters are very likely to mimic the behavior of those they look up to in their lives, which is why it is paramount to set a good example. As soon as you start maintaining your health, they will strike up interest and want to do the same.

A few last words on how to prioritize your health

Putting your health high on the list of what’s important can be quite hard when you’re not used to doing it. But, doing so changes your life for the better, often in ways you never imagined. It can be such a good move for you to make, and the time to do so is… now.

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