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How to get rid of sore muscles after a workout

Sore muscles after workout

Working out often results in aching limbs and sore muscles. These are often due to excessively exercising a muscle and creating small tears in the tissue. Although these tissues will repair in time and eventually result in leaner and bigger muscles, they can be painful during recovery. To get rid of sore muscles after a workout, there are several possible methods, including the ones listed here.

Muscle tape

Muscle tape is effective for alleviating pain and helping in recovering from exercising or injury. It is wearable all day long to make the pain easier to manage.

Using original kinesio tape, you can achieve effective pain relief from sore muscles, tendons, and ligaments. It will support the affected areas and help in the recovery process.

Keep active when you have sore muscles after a workout

When your muscles are sore, it is common for them to tighten. To reduce tightness in the muscles, which is causing pain, it is best to keep moving, to a certain degree. Keep reading!

It’s important to note that being active doesn’t mean doing strenuous activity. Going too far could cause the muscles and soreness to worsen.

Instead, gentle stretching and walks can help loosen the muscles and alleviate the pain. More on stretching follows.

Make sure to stretch

Many people continue to work out while injured, which can be okay so long as you stretch efficiently and avoid using the injured muscles too much. If you are in a lot of pain, though, it is advised to rest and achieve full recovery before hitting the gym again.

Stretching is an effective method to reduce or relieve pain from exercise. You should do this before and after working out to loosen the muscles and increase blood flow.

A simple 5-minute stretch is enough to reduce the risk of muscle soreness and intense pain. Put in those five minutes to protect your body.

Use essential oils

When you are dealing with painfully sore muscles, an effective home remedy some people use is essential oils. These can be used directly on the affected area, or in a warm bath. I use an essential oil mix a friend made for me on my shoulder when it gets extra sore, for example.

Warm baths are great to reduce muscle tension and relieve muscle pain. If you use essential oil, lavender is a great option as it promotes relaxation. Lavender can relax the mind and body, which may both be suffering due to the recent events.

Rest to get rid of sore muscles after a workout

It is good to keep moving, but it is also essential to rest when possible. Rest days allow the muscles to recover effectively.

You may find that the best time for rest is in the bath. Or, you might want to relax in bed sometime before you go to sleep. This will help relax the muscles and stop them from working for a while so they can begin to repair themselves.

If you experience severe muscle pain after exercise, it is generally a good idea to have a break from exercising. It will not do your muscles any good if you overwork them.

The recovery process will take longer and you could make the muscle pain worse if you continue at a go-go-go pace. When you experience muscle pain due to working out, what methods do you use to alleviate the tension and speed up recovery?

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  1. I need this after having a yard sale today to sell things we cleaned out from a relatives house. Feeling much better after a two hour nap. I hope your weekend is going great Christy.

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