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3 examples of technologies for chronic pain management

Technologies for chronic pain

Chronic pain has a significant impact on quality of life, so it’s crucial that sufferers find ways to manage it. Even the simplest of daily tasks can be impossible, and it is hard to maintain an active social life too. Many people with chronic pain soon find themselves feeling isolated, and it often goes hand in hand with mental health issues. The use of technologies for chronic pain management could be helpful, and here are three examples.

The search for relief

When it comes to treating and managing chronic pain, there are already a number of options you can try. Unfortunately, many people find that they try all of the options available to them and they still don’t see any difference.

That can feel incredibly defeating because it seems like you will never find relief. However, the way that we deal with chronic pain is always changing and there are a lot of innovative technologies that are helping people regain their quality of life. These are some of the new technologies revolutionizing the ways to manage chronic pain.

3 technologies for chronic pain management:

1. Heated TENS machines

A TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) machine is not a new invention and it has been used to help manage pain for a long while. It works by sending electrical pulses along the skin and nerves to block pain signals from reaching the brain.

However, many physical therapists have started combining TENS machines with heat therapy to create new devices that offer even more relief from chronic pain. Initially, these were only available through specialist doctors.

Today, you can find over the counter options to use yourself at home. The combination of heat therapy and electric signals can make a huge difference in your pain levels.

These devices have become particularly popular in the wake of the opioid epidemic. It’s a viable alternative to strong painkillers that can cause a lot of issues with addiction.

2. Infiniti cells

Stem cell technology looks set to be the future of healthcare. A stem cell is like a blank cell with the ability to grow into all kinds of different cells that are found in the body. Their ability to repair damage to the body makes them incredibly useful for a range of healthcare applications.

The new Infiniti Cell technology, pioneered by Kevin Lucas and his team, aims to help those with chronic pain find long-term relief. This technology is only in its infancy but it already has some incredibly promising results. In the future, as technology advances, it is likely that stem cells will be one of the major treatment options for people with chronic pain.

3. Virtual reality

Virtual reality is a familiar technology to most people and it’s usually used for video games. But, did you know that it can actually be used for chronic pain relief too?

By putting on a headset and exploring a virtual 3D world, people are able to take their focus away from the pain. Through this method, some folks find good relief without the need for any medication.

Concluding words on chronic pain management technologies

Many of the current methods for managing chronic pain are ineffective or have a lot of potential side effects. However, it’s important to stay positive because these technologies are completely transforming the way that we manage chronic pain. New tech is coming from research, and that’s exciting. It offers hope, and we must never lose hope.

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