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7 lessons from COVID-19 to teach your kids

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The way families cope with the effects of the coronavirus pandemic has become a very personalized choice. While some parents opt to take a more conservative approach in educating their children about COVID-19, others believe that making children aware of exactly what is happening in the world and what is at stake is essential. While it can be hard for some parents to talk about the effects of the pandemic—especially those who have lost their jobs, suffered a severe financial blow, or experienced the loss of loved ones—there is still wisdom and practical life lessons from COVID-19 that you can impart to your children to help them prepare for the future.

Here’s what you can teach your little ones about the COVID-19 pandemic.

1. Germ awareness

There’s never been a time when people from all over the world have had to wash their hands more than in 2020 and 2021. But, this can be a good habit for your child to learn as they grow older.

Learning about good personal hygiene and the importance of using an antimicrobial fabric face mask protects them from sickness and disease. It can help them become more aware of the need to protect others from illnesses too.

The trick is to encourage awareness of the importance of proper hygiene without turning your kids into germaphobes. There’s also the need to highlight how small exposures to germs can be good in the sense that doing so can gradually boost their immunity.

Plus, good bacteria is important for gut health. So, all germs and bacteria aren’t bad.

2. Finding opportunity in the midst of uncertainty

The world was in a state of uncertainty during the COVID-19 pandemic, but guess what? Some people actually found ways to not just survive, but also to discover ways to grow personally and professionally.

From finding a new career to exploring a hobby they’ve always wanted to try, people are finding out more about themselves every day. Thus, one of the important lessons from COVID-19 that you can teach your child is no matter how bad things may seem, it may also be a chance to improve their life. Doing so in ways you never thought possible.

3. Adaptability: Another of the lessons from COVID-19

Even if your child doesn’t grasp the full scope of how things have changed since the pandemic and will change in the future, they may have noticed that they’re not doing certain activities as much as before. A few examples are wearing masks in the classroom now and staying a safe distance from people.

Life doesn’t always go as planned, but having a positive mindset and knowing how to cope with change are essential skills your child should learn. This understanding can help them immensely when they venture out into the real world as adults one day.

4. Gratitude

Telling your children in a kind and loving way that they have so much to be thankful for can also help them practice gratitude in their daily lives. Yes, things could have been better, but they could have also ended up much worse.

When children have more appreciation for who and what they have in their lives, they can better deal with the challenges that life throws at them. Thus, you’re helping to build resilience in your kids.

5. More lessons from COVID-19: Problem solving

Sometimes, though, it isn’t enough to just passively accept what happens to you as a way of being resilient. When things are tough, maybe the problem isn’t as scary as it looks and the solution is just somewhere waiting to be found.

This way of thinking can make for a fun activity with your kids. Asking them for creative ways to tackle daily challenges can increase their critical thinking abilities and confidence in the face of uncertainty.

6. Treasuring relationships

If you or your child has lost a friend or loved one during the coronavirus pandemic, you may have had trouble explaining the events to them. But death is part of life, and it’s often best to explain this to them in a gentle and loving way.

Even if everyone you knew happened to be happy and healthy the entire time, teach your child to treasure the meaningful bonds they have with loved ones. That includes their parents, brothers, sisters, friends, and relatives.

7. Preparation

Not many people were emotionally and financially prepared when the outbreaks began. Unemployment rates soared and businesses started to close.

Aside from teaching your child effective coping strategies, they will also benefit greatly if you teach them how to prepare for the future. That can mean developing a habit of saving money for a rainy day or always having a good supply of essentials like water and a first aid kit in case everyone needs to stay at home for an extended period.

Takeaway on COVID-19 lessons

Parents can always find opportunities to teach their children important lessons, but it’s even more important during a pandemic. Your kids are likely to encounter personal uncertainties and battles in life, but helping them to build a solid foundation for tackling different events can help them push forward. That’ll help them come out stronger than before.

9 thoughts on “7 lessons from COVID-19 to teach your kids”

  1. Kids are amazingly resilient. Good parenting can give them a good foundation upon which to build, even during a pandemic. Your suggestions are all good ones.

  2. petespringerauthor

    It’s hard to think of too many positives during a pandemic, but one possibility is that people learn to be more resilient. Having taught kids for so long, I knew that a lot of kids would adapt. I drive by schools now and see the kids all playing on the playground, still having a good time, despite being masked. It’s far from ideal, but most we’ll get through this. Thanks for the article, Christy.

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