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Is a social life without alcohol possible?

Social life without alcohol

If you are trying to give up alcohol, you might worry about how you will manage when spending time with friends. Will your social life suffer? In other words, is a social life without alcohol possible?

On alcohol, going out, and friends

Pubs, clubs, and restaurants are becoming experts at serving customers who are trying to follow a healthier lifestyle and drink less alcohol. That’s evident by the increasing range of soft drinks and non-alcoholic options at most of these places.

Some of the zero alcohol beers taste just like the real thing, by the way. Or, if you’d rather stay away from temptation and work on giving up booze completely, a good bartender will be happy to make a non-alcoholic cocktail that tastes as good as its less-healthy alcoholic counterpart.

If you have supportive friends, they will understand you want to change and support your efforts to stop drinking. They will also soon come to realize that you’re every bit as much fun sober as you were drunk.

You’ll end up spending less on soft drinks than liquor too, so being sober is good for the budget. Then, drive or cycle home after a night out rather than relying on taxis. The only risk is that you end up being the taxi for all of your friends after every night out.

Of course, if you need to give up alcohol because you have become reliant on it, the likes of American Addiction Centers location can be beneficial on your journey to giving up alcohol. They can help you find coping methods that work for you. They will also support you in telling friends and family too, which can take a big weight off your shoulders.

Why are you waiting to stop drinking?

As with many health issues, it’s usually clear how to take action, but it always seems to be something you can put off until tomorrow. That is partly human nature as most folks don’t like the challenges associated with lifestyle changes.

It’s also partly down to the fear of making the change and then it not working out. When you think about how to stop drinking, it’s important not to take too long weighing up the pros and cons and trying to find reasons not to do it.

The benefits of giving up alcohol for a year or more will always far outweigh any negative points. So, the best strategy is often to set yourself a date in the near future, get all of your support in place, and then stick to your resolution.

The journey toward a social life without alcohol

Announcing your intention with loved ones or just telling people along the way will prove helpful as it keeps you true to your word. It will also help you avoid awkward and tempting situations like being asked to go for drinks. Instead, a caring friend will suggest meeting for coffee, going for a walk, or something else that’s clear of alcohol.

Joining supportive forums on the web can be helpful on your journey. Going online can also provide you with access to a range of helpful e-books and resources. You might find connecting with like-minded people on Facebook and Twitter to be useful too, which makes these activities well worth your time and energy.

So, now you know that alcohol is not a requirement for your to keep your social life intact!

4 thoughts on “Is a social life without alcohol possible?”

  1. Amen! I love this post, Christy. ♥ So many people are stuck in alcohol addiction and it is detrimental to every aspect of life. I’ve seen first-hand with people in my life just how devastating alcoholism is.

    You know, I think one of the most powerful things about giving up alcohol is how you just might find out who your REAL friends are. As you rightly said here – a true friend will still want to spend time with you over coffee, a lunch date at the park, or something healthy and constructive. Anyone who makes you doubt a decision to give up drinking or other unhealthy behavioral pattern is not someone who needs to have a place in your life, no matter how long they’ve been there!

    Thank you for sharing resources for people who are wanting to be free of the chains of alcohol. A life without it is a truly blessed one indeed. Drinking is not a requirement for having fun … far from it!

    As always, I send you my love and hugs. Keep up the amazing work you do, my friend! ♥

    1. Thank you so much for the encouragement of this post, Holly. It is wonderful to see you! I believe in being who we want to be in this life and when others judge us it is a sign of their character, not ours. Sending much love and thank you for such a thoughtful comment! 💗

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