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How to cultivate a healthy lifestyle

She meditates for a healthier lifestyle

If you’re determined to cultivate a healthy lifestyle, don’t procrastinate. Instead, start moving your mind in the right direction by considering which lifestyle changes you’ll need to make to see the results you want.

Disclosure: In this sponsored post that I’ve been compensated for, you’ll find just a few of many behavioral shifts you can begin implementing to start seeing substantive results:

1. Start Meditating When You Wake Up.

If you’re serious about cultivating a healthy lifestyle, make sure that you start meditating when you wake up. Doing so can help dispel any negative energy that may have accumulated in your mind and body while you were sleeping.

Meditating in the morning is also a wonderful way to start the day right by creating a positive, calm internal state of being. It’s no wonder that a growing number of inspiring women meditate daily.

One great way to make this happen is by doing a form of meditation commonly referred to as the mantra. The mantra involves reciting words of affirmation or positivity inside yourself. This could include anything from “Peace, love, and joy” to “I am whole.”

2. Get In Some Physical Activity Every Single Day.

In addition to meditating when you wake up, make sure that you get in the habit of moving your body every single day. Unfortunately, we currently live in a sedentary society in which the majority of people don’t work out regularly.

This is a shame for several reasons, including the fact that maintaining a strong, long-standing commitment to exercise will engender a wide range of wonderful health benefits. Some of them include boosted immunity, higher quality sleep, and the ongoing production and release of serotonin within the body.

One highly effective and relatively simple way to work more physical activity into your life is by walking your dog. Just 15 minutes every morning and evening integrates movement into your routine, not to mention increasing your bond with the pet.

3. Help Your Children Cultivate A Healthy Lifestyle.

One final strategy you can implement to remain on the road to substantive wellness is helping your children cultivate a healthy lifestyle. This step is important for many reasons, including the fact that taking care of others is linked to individuals attaining or maintaining a more positive mood and communal outlook.

Helping your children get and remain healthy is also a wonderful way to prevent your children from causing you to stress with illnesses that require ongoing attention from a medical professional. In the event that your child’s current wellness issue pertains to behavioral health, note that an ABA therapy Sarasota FL company such as Engage Behavioral Health can assist you.


Taking care of your health is one of the best ways to cultivate the type of mental and physical well-being that makes your life more rich and rewarding. Utilize some or all of the wellness techniques outlined above so that you can begin cultivating the life of dynamic health you deserve!

41 thoughts on “How to cultivate a healthy lifestyle”

  1. I love your idea of meditating in the morning to get rid of negative energy! I also like to journal for 5 minutes every day before I go to bed. It helps me to get rid of any stress from the day and have a more restful sleep!

    1. Journaling is a great idea to help clear the mind. Thanks for sharing what works for you!

  2. Great post Christy! I don’t have children but couldn’t agree more with the positive impact of meditating and physical activity to a healthy lifestyle.

  3. Very sound advice. Last year I was diagnosed with Cirrhosis and had to turn over an entirely new leaf (and by entirely new, I mean ENTIRELY). I went from being a junk food junkie to healthy eater, lost 40+ pounds, and set out to radically change my bad habits of procrastination and living in chaos. I even started a blog to document the journey! Thanks for the great post.

  4. I’ve been sitting around for quite some time now, waiting to start a new HEALTHY lifestyle. Love this post.

  5. Some awesome tips! I meditate every night before bed; it helps me sleep :) I’d also like to add a tip: change over some of your personal care products so they are less toxic and more healthy for you long-term. Check out more details on my site!
    Please check out my non-toxic beauty blog for healthy, toxin-free living

  6. I love that expression, “cultivating”, it really hits me and gives control back to us a little in terms of how we can shape and nurture our lives. Great tips, Christy – meditation is one I’m trying to make a more regular feature :)
    Caz x

  7. Great post Christy,

    I know that mediation after awekaning is great choice. In that state, immediately after awakening we are still in Alpha state, and that is real time for miracles :)

    Thank you

  8. Making a habit out of meditation is still iffy for me. I do alright for a spell, but then fall off the bandwagon. I think I’ll make a purpose to give it a go tomorrow thanks to this post as a reminder!

  9. Spring is here and it’s definitely time to get healthy. I always find it hard during winter months but now there’s no excuse. I’ll try out some of your tips… Thank you! X

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