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Are you always losing your chargers too?

Charging cable

Charging cable. Two words that, if ever there was a pop chart created for phrases that suddenly enter common currency, might well have been the highest new entry of recent years. And, let’s be honest here, there might be every chance it would have been a bona fide, in-with-a-bullet number one smash hit if you prefix those two words with your expletive of choice.

Because just as Apple’s revolutionary hand-held device has become such a fixture since its introduction in 2007, the white lead that charges it up has become equally ubiquitous. In fact, it’s probably become even more so…

Why? You know why! Because, for example, there was that time when you went to visit your mum and dad’s home for the weekend, remembered to take your charger, but then forgot to bring it back.

Ditto that time you had to go and work abroad at the last minute. There was so much to think about in such a short space of time – packing the right clothes, checking in online, booking a taxi, feeding the cat – that remembering a cable seemed the least of your worries. Frankly, you were just glad you’d remembered your phone (and your passport, of course).

“No worries, I’ll buy a cheap charger at the duty-free shop,” you thought. Which you did, except that everyone went out on the town that night. And then, waking up late the next morning, you had to rush to make the flight home – without remembering to unplug your latest purchase from the socket.

“Another one bites the dust,” you sighed before coming home and counting three of the little so-and-sos lying around. Naturally, your phone’s battery ran out some time ago.

They’re like buses, aren’t they? Whenever you need one you just can’t find one.

It is even more frustrating if you lose cables that play a critical role in your quality of life, for example, a cable for your hearing aid controls or to connect your phone to your device.

Yes, losing our chargers can be a bit of a pain

If losing your charger is a problem – if it’s a real annoyance even – then ask yourself this: would you solve everything by giving up your devices? Hands up to all those of you who have thought about it when an occurrence like the examples we’ve described has happened in the past. Quite a few of you, I would imagine, because I’ve thought about doing the same myself. Lots of us have, at the moment.

But then the moment passes and another charger is located. We soon remember just what a revolutionary triumph of design and innovation the device we are using is.

We remember how it brings all the information we could ever desire (and a whole lot more) to our fingertips. And also how gadgets, in general, have become such integral tools in our lives these past few years.

The good news is you can get portable charging packs, as well as cases for your charges. So then you can keep everything organized and make sure you don’t forget again.

Or, at least that’s the plan!

20 thoughts on “Are you always losing your chargers too?”

  1. The last sentence brings it! ;-) I am so grateful that there are cloud services. This means that electronic devices are again really just what they should be: input devices.;-) Since I’ve been so prepared, I’ve never forgotten or lost a charging cable. Thank you, Christy! Enjoy the rest of the week! Michael

    1. Hello Christy! Lets hope i am prepared. Thanks, Christy! I wouldn’t call it talent. It’s just the urge to survive. ;-) As hard as it sounds, there is something very negatively mysterious about this area. I wish you a nice, relaxing weekend! Please stay healthy!

  2. Hahah yep, spot on – there is a sense of triumph over locating something! Luckily I don’t often lose mine as it’s always in the same place now that I never really leave here, but I know the frustration of losing it when you’re out and about, between work and a partner’s house and such. The portable chargers are a great idea too. Very handy to have. xx

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