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Sleep aid tech: 3 gadgets for a good night’s sleep

Sleep aid tech

Our beauty sleep is important to us. It can help us recover from a long day, boost our immune system, prepare our mind for the next day, and can even help improve our appearance such as reducing wrinkles. With the enormous benefits getting a good night’s sleep can have, it can be annoying when there are times when you just can’t drift off, be it due to anxious thoughts, too much light, or simply too much noise keeping us awake. To help turn those nights into distant memories, here are a three examples of sleep aid tech to help drift off to sleep.

Weighted blankets

Weighted blankets have a lot of advantages to our general health and wellbeing, but one of the best things it can aid us with is our sleep. The blankets provide a warm, gentle pressure onto the user. This closely resembles the feeling of someone holding and cuddling you, which is comforting.

The weighted design is an example of sleep aid tech at its best. Why?

This type of pressure is known to increase serotonin, which is a natural chemical in the body. Serotonin can help regulate your sleep so you drift off into dream land more easily than before. It’s also a good tool to help deal with anxiety as this same pressure helps to decrease activity within the nervous system.

The weight of the blanket can also help you feel less restless and energized. That’s because the force coming down onto you deters movement and encourages stillness when you sleep. It’s important to choose the best weighted throw blanket for you as there is a large variation between them.

Light blocking sleep masks

As many people sleep beside electronics, it can be difficult to entirely eliminate all light in a room. A few examples are phone chargers, TVs, alarm clocks and other devices,

That’s not the sleep aid tech you want in the bedroom at night! The light of the screens, particularly if the device flashes, can disturb people’s rest. That makes it difficult to drift off.

One of the best ways to block out light and encourage better sleep is to use a sleep mask that covers the eyes and blocks out most of the light. There are many great sleep masks you can buy online, with some of the more premium options even going so far to cover your ears and provide some noise cancellation as well.

Sleep masks are also great for those who travel and find themselves having to sleep during periods of light. One example is during a flight. They’re also good for people that work shifts and sleep during the day, a good mask can block out the majority of daytime light.

More sleep aid tech: Diffusers

Essential oils are extracts from natural plants and herbs. They are often used in a diffusor where they are heated with water and create a vapor in your room.

There are many different types of essential oils which can be used for different reasons in diffusers. For example, they can be useful for relaxation to help you fall sleep.

Essential oils and diffusors are available both online and in your local mall. Just make sure that you’re not allergic to any of the ingredients used. Otherwise, you risk getting serious symptoms such as rashes or breathing problems.

7 thoughts on “Sleep aid tech: 3 gadgets for a good night’s sleep”

  1. I’m currently using a wonderful “Sleepy” product from Tropics Skincare. Including lavender and frankincense within the ingredients, you spray it on your pillow and bed covering. It’s like being cocooned to sleep. The set includes a lovely balm for rubbing on the temples if required. This has helped me enormously over the past year.

    Another wonderful post Christy, thank you xxx

  2. Michelle (Boomer Eco Crusader)

    Thanks for this. I have been thinking of a weighted blanket but I worry it would be hot in the summer, which is when I usually have trouble sleeping. I might have to give it a try. Anything for a good night’s sleep!

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