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Preventing hot flashes: How Moona 2 offers help

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Hot flashes are a common symptom of menopause and perimenopause. It can range from an intense flareup of heat to being mildly uncomfortable. The intensity varies from woman to woman, and sweating can happen, even at night, interrupting sleep. When it comes to preventing hot flashes and getting a night of better sleep, traditional treatments include regular exercise and hormone replacement therapy (HRT), if doctor-approved. A new option is Moona 2, a smart cooling pillow pad. Here’s more about it.

Disclosure: This sponsored post is part of spreading awareness during World Menopause Month. Rather than feeling embarrassed about menopause, let’s celebrate and talk about this healthy, normal transition.

The launch of Moona 2

Meet the next-generation smart cooling pillow pad. It builds on the success of the original Moona launched in 2019. Moona has been released in more than 40 countries to help users get a cooler sleep experience through the original pad design.

The first product was so popular that it sold out! It was a Special Mention by Time magazine for Best Inventions of 2021.

Now, the company has a new crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise funds to launch Moona 2. It is a more durable version of the previous-generation product and is designed to improve sleep quality.

As per David Stoikovitch, Moona co-founder and CEO, “women in menopause using our product get 35 mins more sleep per night and are significantly reducing their night sweats.” That’s impressive.

Moona 2 focuses largely on helping menopausal women with its smart technology. Temperature regulation is how it intends to help women who suffer from hot flashes.

How Moona 2 helps relieve hot flashes

Enjoy customized temperature settings in this new device, which features a water-chilled pillow pad. It has better cooling, is more durable, and is even quieter than the first generation.

Moona 2 even integrates with leading fitness trackers, including Fitbit and Garmin, as well as syncing with smart home. That way, it can give better suggestions relating to your unique lifestyle. And voice command is another great feature; it pairs with Amazon, Apple, and Google.

You can take the device easily with you, too, when traveling so that you stay as comfortable as possible while sleeping away from home. A travel case comes with it for easy transport.

Pair with the Moona app for further insights, including sleep cycle analysis. There is also the option not to use the app.

The features personalize to your needs, which I appreciate. As mentioned earlier, no two women’s menopausal experiences are exactly the same. So, it’s nice to know that you get a custom experience, thanks to its groundbreaking technology.

Moona 2 features
Photo credit: Moona SAS

How Moona 2 is different than other sleep devices

You’ve likely heard of other products to improve sleep. But they are mainly passive. In comparison, Moona 2 provides insights into sleep to proactively offer solutions to improve overall health.

Moona 2 features a pillow pad made of comfy memory foam. Sleep directly on the pillow pad if you wish, if you don’t normally use a pillow.

The pad does not have electronics but, instead, at its edge is a small movement tracker to track your sleep. That enables the sleep analysis that this device, which sits easily on a bedside table, provides users.

While it has powerful technology, it’s not hard to set up. The set-up time is usually about five minutes.

Furthermore, it’s an eco-friendly approach to getting a night of better sleep. Rather than relying on air conditioning to heat your room to sleep without sweating during menopause, consider using Moona 2 instead. That is a wiser use of energy rather than cooling an entire room.

Better sleep is vital

When looking at the bigger picture, this product has the potential to better sleep quality around the world. It can reduce that awful feeling of waking up tired and irritated from lack of shut-eye, particularly for those women who can find relief from their hot flashes by using the smart unit.

Plus, better sleep is essential, as I’ve said here many times. You’re more likely to have more energy and be better able to keep stress levels at a reasonable level.

Other major health benefits of getting enough sleep can include reduced inflammation, a healthy weight, and better memory. So, where can you get Moona 2?

It’s in the fundraising stage for a limited time. Here are the details.

The fundraising campaign on Kickstarter

Time is running out! The Kickstarter campaign for Moona 2 will end on Thursday, November 3rd. That is less than a week.

Kickstarter was how the company first brought Moona to those who needed it. Now they want to do the same with Moona 2. But, there’s only so much time left to help fund the device. It will be available to order in July 2023.

They have had great success with the campaign, raising more than $100K in only six days.

Sleep better tonight, so you’ll feel more refreshed for tomorrow. That’s part of women’s healthy aging.

Sleep quality is so important, no matter what life phase you are in. For those who are near or in menopause and experiencing hot flashes, Moona 2 offers a way to ease the discomfort for a better night of rest.

Show your support Moona 2 on Kickstarter today. The campaign ends on November 3rd.


Top photo credit: Moona SAS

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  1. Wow, such amazing innovation with this device. I can’t begin to tell you how many times in just 1 night, that someone in our home complains about being too hot or too cold. To make matters worse, adjusting the temperature usually satisfies one person, but frustrates someone else. This device, with the ability to personalize it for the individual, customize the temperature, including added programming and scheduling features – seems to be the ultimate solution. Count me in for the Moona 2!

    1. Hi KaLena, you’re right that when everyone in the house wants a different temperature, Moona 2 comes to the rescue! Your comment is thoughtful and supportive ~ Another reason I think you’re awesome :)

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