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Adjusting to new hearing aids with this guide

Adjusting to hearing aids

Adjusting to new hearing aids can be difficult, especially if you’re still coping with the idea that your hearing has been damaged. While hearing loss isn’t treatable, hearing aids provide a great solution to help regain your listening ability and also ensure that your hearing doesn’t get worse over time.

Why it’s important to treat ear issues

Untreated hearing loss can lead to many additional problems, such as depression and anxiety. It also puts you at a higher risk of getting into a car accident.

For these reasons and others, it is vital to treat your hearing loss as soon as possible. However, adjusting to hearing aids can be tricky, so here are a few tips to help you get more comfortable with them.

They’re not supposed to feel uncomfortable

If you’ve only recently started using your hearing aids, you’ll likely experience some discomfort while adjusting to them. However, if you’re experiencing pain even after a few days of using them, you may want to take them back to your hearing specialist.

This professional can readjust them for you. You don’t have to live uncomfortably so don’t put up with it.

In some cases, the physician will remold the hearing aids so they fit better for you. Or, this person may suggest swapping your hearing aids for a different type to improve the user experience.

Your hearing aids should last the entire day

One possible issue that you might have with adjusting to new hearing aids is that they frequently need recharging or the battery drains quickly. It’s a good idea to take a look at hearing aid batteries to ensure you’re using the correct ones.

It’s possible that there may be a fault with your hearing aid batteries, especially if you only recently got them. It’s best to check with the hearing aid specialist to see if the problem is fixable before you decide to replace them with a different pair.

Wear them often to get familiar with them

It might sound obvious, but the adjustment period requires you to actively use your hearing aids regularly. If you don’t use them often enough, you won’t get used to how they feel and the sensation of hearing everything differently.

You can slowly work up to using them for longer periods if you wear them at home for brief periods daily to start. Doing so will help you get accustomed to your hearing aids in a more comfortable environment.

Adjust to new hearing aids by learning the different settings

Depending on the hearing problems that you’re facing, it may be possible to adjust your hearing aids so that they’re more suitable for different kinds of hearing problems. Your hearing aid specialist will likely have adjusted them to your desired settings, but you might find it useful to look through the manual or ask about the various settings.

It may make it more comfortable to use and the sound may be clearer if you tweak the settings to your liking. Just make sure to consult your hearing aid specialist before making any changes.


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  1. My husband needs a hearing aid, but won’t admit it! I can be watching a movie happily and he’ll come in and turn up the volume. And when I say things to him he’ll look at me confused and say “You want me to make the corn green?”

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