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Hearing aid care and maintenance: 4 golden rules

Hearing aid care and maintenance

Every day, you count on your hearing aids to provide you with help for hearing loss. In the rare circumstances when these devices fail, it can be a difficult week or months if you have to wait for repairs. With proper hearing aid care and maintenance, however, you can easily extend the life of the auditory devices and minimize the chances of malfunction. Here are 4 golden rules to keep your hearing aids in tip-top condition.

For best hearing aid care and maintenance:

1. Store in dry places

The technology incorporated into the hearing aids is usually sophisticated. When the circuitry inside the tiny shell encounters moisture, it can easily damage the functionality of the entire device. While there are now gadgets that are made to be water-resistant, it is still advisable to unplug them whenever you swim or shower.

If they happen to get moisture on them, dry them off instantly using a dry towel. Do not use a hair drier because the heat might end up damaging the devices. If you live in a highly humid area, consider storing the hearing aids in an air dehumidifier.

2 Change batteries often

If in use for an extended period, the batteries in hearing aids could easily cause the malfunctioning of devices. Moisture trapped inside the batteries can lead to their corrosion, which usually damages the devices.

When the hearing aids are not in use, open the battery doors to allow for aeration. When not be using the device for a few days, consider removing the batteries temporarily.

When you change the batteries, do not forget to clean the contacts before inserting new ones. To do so, wipe the contacts gently using a dry cotton swab.

Why? Dirty contacts can result in poor connectivity and lower performance of the device.

3. Get rid of earwax

One of the common causes of decreased hearing aids performance is earwax. In fact, about 60-70% of hearing aids sent for repair are due to earwax-related damage.

Regrettably, it is not possible to prevent earwax from coming into contact with your devices. That is why it is advisable to regularly clean them for best hearing aid care and maintenance.

At the end of each day, use a soft toothbrush or a dry cotton swab to gently remove the earwax or any other debris on its surface. Do not forget to clean both the microphone and the receiver as these are essential components of the aids.

4. Change your wax filter

As you maintain your device by removing the earwax, do not forget to replace the wax guard of the filter regularly too. The function of this component is to prevent wax from getting into the internal sections of your device. You can replace the wax guard whenever you notice build-up on it.

You also need to remember that not all hearing aids use the same filters. Before you can use your Miracle-Ear hearing aids, you can speak to the hearing healthcare provider so they can inform you on how to change the wax guard and how to maintain your device.

Final words on hearing aid care and maintenance

Hearing aids might be small, but these devices come with really powerful technology. And in as much as they look sturdy, it is always advisable to take care of them.

Follow the above pointers to ensure your devices are always in their perfect condition. That way you’ll get the full enjoyment from your days with good hearing.

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