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Sense organs: How best to maintain them

Smoking can damage the ears

We’ve all read blogs and articles about the importance of leading a healthy life for reasons like losing weight, beating back diabetes and reducing your chances of heart failure. However, the severity of these risks is almost too much for any of us to really wrap our heads around. But, what if I told you that healthy living could be the very thing that protects your senses; your eyes, sight, hearing, smell, and taste.

The big question, of course, is how can healthy living you maintain your senses for years to come?

Dry your eyes

In your 40s, eyesight starts to deteriorate, if you’re like most people. We become sensitive to light, get blurry vision and something known as burning eyes.

In order to reverse this, your best bet is to speak to your doctor and ask them about certain prescription drops that can aid in tear production. As for preventing this from happening, well, upping the amount of Omega 3 you chow down on is a great way to go.

That will really help in the battle against dry eyes, which tends to be the cause of most other eye issues. It could be supplements you opt for, or it could be snacking on walnuts every day, or eating fish on a daily basis too.

Can’t smell as well anymore

Age 65 may be a great time of life for all those looking forward to retirement, but it is around this time you will notice a fading sense of smell as well. If you have already noticed it, then your best bet at reversing it is to perform sniffing exercises twice a day.

It is also worth asking your doctor if anything inflammation is to blame for the scent reduction. As for preventing this decline of smell, stay clear of smoke and chemicals; the kind you would use for house cleaning.

Another tip is to start smelling those things that have strong and distinctive aromas, like ginger and peppermint, cinnamon and lavender. Doing so can help regain lost smelling abilities.

What did you say?

Hearing loss can start to be an issue in your 40’s and can be the result of many variables, from exposure to loud noises at a young age to diabetes. If hearing issues are something you’ve been battling with as of late, then it may be time for you to look into hearing aids, which you will know by getting a consultation. Some places offer consults for free.

To stop this loss from happening altogether, one step is to cease smoking. Stop smoking right now.

Why? It damages the blood vessels in your ears.

The other thing you can do is take better care over how you protect your ears. If you use machinery at work or at home, then wear earplugs. The same goes for attending live music events and turning your music down a little when listening to your iPod. It can all help a lot.

When taste fades

With age there is a natural loss of taste. To help combat a decline of taste, stay away from smoking and poor nutrition, which can intensify the loss.

If you have dentures, you may also notice that a bad taste lingers in your mouth. Obviously that will affect how you taste foods.

In the latter case, see your dentist to discuss how to remedy the situation.

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