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How to create great social media videos

Social media videos

Are you looking for good video content ideas and easy-to-use tools to create better social media posts? If so, keep reading for valuable information to improve your social media promotion strategy.

Why video?

Many social media users don’t read long texts in posts. Very often, a brand’s advertisement is scrolled without reading. Therefore, it’s important when your social media post is interesting and relevant to the target audience.

Creative and modern visual content design is part of a great marketing strategy. That makes for effective social media promotion to make your business or personal account more popular.

Let’s talk more now about how to create a marketing video that increases engagement with the target audience and improves communication with existing and potential customers.

What it takes to create great social videos

There is no need to prove that video is the most popular content format on social networks. It’s difficult to find an area where the video will be irrelevant and spoil the perception of information.

There are many types of marketing videos, but their video-shooting algorithm is the same, so you can use it to craft a great vid. To make a social media video, you need:

  • The idea for cool content;
  • Scriptwriting and storyboarding;
  • Shooting;
  • Sound recording;
  • Video editing and processing

Sounds too difficult and expensive?

Thankfully, it’s quite easy to create cool video content without special skills or professional software. Many social media platforms have built-in editors, develop new features, and offer additions that simplify the process of making a video. But some of them have limited capabilities.

Therefore, it’s better to use special tools for processing and editing video content that give you more opportunities for self-expression in amateur videos. For example, multimedia software includes special desktop editors or applications for mobile devices.

These types of programs provide a lot of possibilities to make changes to the video content. A good one has a user-friendly interface, so beginners can figure out how to work with it.

How to make a video that grabs the attention of a potential client

Here are some guidelines to help you make a better video to post on social media:

1. Easy to create, easy to watch

This is the main trend for video content that you should consider when creating a video for business. Amateur videos shot with a smartphone are becoming more and more popular.

2. Vertical or horizontal social media video?

Vertical. Most users of social networks hold the gadget upright. Also, don’t forget that high-resolution videos may not play on all mobile devices.

3. Aesthetics and quality

You need to take care in advance to learn about the quality of sound and lighting before making a video. Picture for video cover is the first thing users see when your video is posted to the news feed. Which cover you choose can greatly impact whether users click on the Play button or not.

4. The brevity and utility

The greatest interest among the audience is found in social media videos lasting from 30 seconds to 2 minutes. So, when you create videos for social media, focus on one topic. This technique will keep the video as simple and short as possible.

It’s also worth evaluating how useful the video is for other people. DIY videos, video instructions, and lifehacks for using your product can help users solve their problems and get a lot of engagement. This attention to customer needs is a powerful tool for building brand reputation.

5. Share your story!

Videos are the ideal type of content to use for storytelling or blogging. Even in a short video, you can talk about socially important topics, discuss live customer problems and how to solve them, and participate in events.

Demonstrating the company’s workflow with the simplest details can increase customer loyalty or credibility. This promotional method might just win over a new audience for your brand.

6. Live communication

Live streaming empowers subscribers to influence and participate in the action rather than passively observing the video. This is a very effective way of communicating between a brand and its audience. It will affect the company’s image greatly when done well.

How to engage users more in social media videos?

You can increase customer interaction by encouraging them to get in front of the lens. For example, ask them to make a video review of your product, company, or service.

Offer them a discount or a gift for doing so! You can surely develop interesting challenges to shoot videos on a specific topic.

Optional but important additions for more creative social media videos that get attention are:

  • Use GIFs, stickers, and emoticons in videos or photos in stories. They add variety to your posts and can inspire you with new video ideas;
  • Hashtags help promote your story and account, but they don’t always look good on a video. They can be hidden – visually, there will be no hashtag in the story, while technically, it will continue to perform its function;
  • People often view videos on social media without audio. So, you should learn more about how to create silent videos, how to add subtitles, or how to highlight the main points.

Final thoughts on social media videos

Despite the many stickers, filters, and effects you can add to a video for business, don’t forget that the more authentic the post looks, the more users express their approval. In 2021, there is still a trend towards content close to reality, without significant post-processing.

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