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Does your home show signs of structural damage?

Roof signs structural damage

Wear and tear around the house is natural. You will likely even come to expect it in certain areas. However, that does not make it any less frustrating when damage rears its head and you find yourself out of pocket. The best approach is to identify areas of your home that can accumulate structural damage quietly and regularly check them for signs of it.

Why checking for damage regularly is important

If these areas require any maintenance, the cost will be substantially lower if you find it early on than if the situation worsens. Going unnoticed can lead to a catastrophic amount of damage.

It is rarely fun or exciting to do these inspections, of course, and it can involve using a professional, which is another expense as a homeowner. But, knowing the right places to look out for and how to deal with issues as they arise is bound to save you money down the road.

Inspect the roof for signs of structural damage

Other areas may be more accessible than the roof and, therefore, have more obvious indications of degradation, but it would be a mistake to assume all is well without checking it. Some indicators might be obvious, such as a roof leak.

A roof-related issue can also arise after stormy weather. As the roof usually is difficult to access, the safest approach is often to contact professionals to go up there. Don’t put yourself in danger if you’ve never gone up there before!

When you contact a good roofing company, they will answer questions you have about the roof too. If there is any damage, insurance claims may help you with some of the finances. You can find affordable Roofing Insurance Claims in Denver here.

Knowing the signs of structural damage on the roof is not always clear, so readings guides online can help you determine what to look for and how to often to check it. Sometimes a leaky roof is not as obvious as you would expect, unfortunately. The roof protects the whole house, so taking care of it is essential.

Get a good look at the foundation

In stark contrast to trying to inspect the roof, surveying the foundation is fairly self-explanatory and simple. Damage here is usually easy enough to spot.

With that being said, subtle differences can mean different things and vary how urgently you respond to them. A crack, for example, in the walls or foundation, tends to be more serious when horizontal rather than vertical. A vertical crack may just be a sign of the house settling.

There are many other signs to watch for too when it comes to the foundation. So, it is important to try to understand what needs responding to right away and what may be more minor.

Signs of structural damage at home in the crawl space

Depending on your residence, this area could refer to the basement, which is likely to share similar properties to a crawl space but on a larger scale. The biggest issue to be aware of in spaces like this one is poor ventilation.

When airflow is bad, it increases the risk of dampness and mold working its way into your property. A dehumidifier could help to solve this issue.

Also, poor insulation throughout your crawl space can lower the energy efficiency of your home as heat may escape through the walls. To combat the problem, consider adding insulation to the entrance as well as the rest of the space.

On a related note: Do regular maintenance

Checking different areas of the home regularly can prevent major issues and help you spot any new problems. For example, look at the weather-stripping on windows and doors, replacing them if necessary, as part of good home window care.

Also, arrange for a professional to remove leaves and debris out of the gutters annually. Also, trim trees or shrubs that are close to the house. Flush drains inside the home with a combination of baking soda and vinegar too when they are slow.

These are only some of the tasks to do inside and outside of the home, including places to check for damage. There’s a lot to maintain as a homeowner!

Have you ever lived in a house that has signs of structural damage? 

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