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7 must-haves for your child’s first college apartment

First college apartment musts

Using the words “child” and “college apartment” in the same title seems like they wouldn’t fit together but the reality is that they will always be your little kid. And there’s something so sweet about that! When it comes time for them to begin adulting, they might decide to go to college. If they need your help with getting things or ask your opinion about what to include in the dorm room or off-campus apartment, here are the must-haves to include:

Noise-canceling headphones

When they’re listening to music, want background sound while studying, or like listening to upbeat tunes while exercising, a good pair of headphones is a must. Splurge for noise-canceling ones as they can help your daughter or son block out the sound of loud roommates or others around them.

Those noises that would otherwise get in the way of studying, relaxing, or sleeping, now aren’t a problem when the young adult is wearing the new headphones. Plus, they tend to be comfy!

Desk and chair

Yes! They need a place to study properly, assuming they already have a laptop and the books for classes. Try to help them with getting an ergonomic set up to prevent problems like sore wrists and back pain.

Look for deals online or at local stores for the furniture, if possible. Your kid is on a budget, so they will appreciate it. If you buy the items for them, make sure to include their input in the furnishings you choose so that they are ones the student will actually use.

First aid kit for their first college apartment

Of course, you hope that nothing bad happens to your kid in college! That’s the sign of a loving parent.

However, things may go sideways, especially if this is the first time they’ve lived outside of your house. They might end up with bruises or cuts, misfortunes that befall even the most careful of people.

Since you cannot possibly be there to prevent every accident, it’s important to make sure that they have all essential items in a first aid kit, just in case.

A well-packed first aid kit contains the following essentials:

  • Small, medium, and large adhesive bandages for different cuts and injuries
  • Non-stick gauze adhesive tape to cover even larger wounds
  • Antibiotic ointment for preventing infections in a wound or minor burn
  • Elastic bandage to wrap and provide compression for sprains and strains among other similar injuries
  • Ice pack for soothing injuries immediately after the occurrence
  • Heating pad for bringing warmth and restoring blood flow to older injuries
  • OTC medications

Moisture remover

Humidity is nothing new in college apartments. In excess, humidity prevents towels from drying and can leave a musty stench in the room. Health issues like respiratory problems, nasal irritation, and overheating could become normal too, especially where the moisture levels are extremely high.

To prevent these problems, it’s advisable to get an apartment dehumidifier as these devices extract moisture from the room’s atmosphere to make it more habitable. Make sure you select a compact dehumidifier, preferably the desiccant type, which is designed to fit into small spaces.

Apartment dehumidifiers also operate silently so your girl or boy’s sleep and study times remain undisrupted. Most of these units are also energy-efficient, so they won’t incur a lot of extra costs.


College apartments are typically small and your child might have a roomie, so the space is quite limited. Your kid, therefore, will need to organize their space for daily life to ensure that all of their belongings fit comfortably.

Here are a few examples of how to organize their room:

  • A desktop organizer will help to keep their books, studying essentials, and decorative pieces neat and tidy
  • A multi-purpose basket will come in handy when organizing their sanitary supplies, lotions, and hair tools
  • Invest in shoe organizers that hang on their dorm room door
  • A bedside shelf is essential for stuff that they can keep nearby. These items may include their tablet, phone, and journal

First college apartment appliances

Heading to the college cafeteria every time they feel like snacking can quickly become a pain. To make things easier, they can take advantage of small appliances designed for dorm rooms. Some of these appliances include an electric kettle, microwave, and mini-fridge.

Also handy to have is a single-serve coffee maker. Oh, and don’t forget the mini-toaster for quick breakfasts.

Drying rack

Once your child gets to their first college apartment, they might find that shared dryers are almost always occupied, not to mention that some of them can be harsh on clothes. Waiting in line for the dryer to be free can be time-consuming and boring.

The good news is that they can use a dryer rack to hang their clothes in the open air, rather than waiting for a dryer to be free. Since the rack is expendable, it’s easy to store too; simply place the rack under the bed.

Printer in their first college apartment

Most colleges need their students to hand in their assignments in paper form. For procrastinators, printing an assignment 30 minutes before the deadline is not unusual.

As such, they can save themself the constant worry of submitting their assignment late by getting a small printer for their room. Other times, they can simply send the assignment by email to the professor or through the school’s online platform.

The bottom line

Heading to college is equivalent to opening a new chapter in life, and they can make it more fun and convenient by being prepared beforehand. The above essentials promise to make their college life smoother.

From using organizers to save on space to choosing small appliances that make snacks and drinks easy, there are many must-haves for their first college apartment. Now you know what you might give to them as a special gift that they’ll appreciate and use daily! Be sure to send them this list too so they can start to prep for their time ahead.

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