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What to do when health issues affect work and personal time

Health issues affect work

Health problems can make your personal life and time on the job miserable. You might struggle to maintain both a healthy lifestyle and a high standard of work. So, if health issues affect work and other areas of your life, try one or more of these top tips to effectively cope with them.

Look at alternative treatments

The first thing many people do when they have a physical problem is to go to their doctor, who will likely recommend lifestyle changes and medications. While this is a good start, getting to the root of the problem is important.

So, discuss possible treatment options with your GP. You can even suggest alternative treatments if you have heard of something you think might help you. For example, chiropractic care can help provide relief for sports and work injuries, as well as back and neck pain, as shown on Deep Roots NWA’s website.

The best treatment for you will depend on many factors, including your injury or illness, age, and medical history. Your GP may refer you to a specialist, depending on the situation.

When health issues affect work, speak to your manager

Another important action to take if an existing condition compromises your ability to work is to speak to your manager. Although you might worry that speaking to your manager will put your job at risk, most supervisors will feel a responsibility to make the workplace safe and comfortable for you.

A good manager is one who is happy to make accommodations on your behalf. That is particularly true if you express wanting to get your work back up to its high standard. Also, they will be happier for you to take time off if they understand why it is necessary.

Invest in the right equipment

With a chronic illness, it can be hard to cope without the right equipment at home and on the job. For instance, an ergonomic chair can support an aching back while working at your desk and help correct your posture.

Hot and cold compresses, joint supports, and other medical equipment can relieve some of the chronic pain you experience too. Home health monitoring equipment can also be helpful, such as blood pressure monitors and fall detection systems.

Put yourself first, even when health issues affect work

No matter how important your family or workplace is to you, it is not selfish to put your mental and physical health first when you are ill. For instance, you might ask your partner to do your portion of the household chores for a while.

Also, if you are feeling tired, allow yourself the time to rest at home. Don’t feel guilty about doing so, either. Let your family and friends know when you need a quiet day and those who love you will respect it.

The last thing you want is to overdo it at work or home. That will only set you back, having to take time off work, school, and spending time with loved ones.

Take time off

Although the modern world often puts value on staying productive without stopping, when you suffer from a mental or physical health issue, it is important to know when your body needs to take time off work. This time away is vital to restore the health of your body, promote healing, and make sure that your condition does not worsen due to the many pressures on you.

Dealing with a health issue can be difficult, especially if you are desperate to get back to your normal work and personal life. However, by speaking to your manager, enlisting support, and getting the necessary treatment, you can still enjoy a high quality of life alongside existing health problems.

8 thoughts on “What to do when health issues affect work and personal time”

  1. I gave myself the day off today. Best decision!! My body AND brain were just done after everyone returning back to full Scheduled. Reading, laundry, a little TV, and dog snuggles. Even had dinner delivered. So important to slow down. ❤️

  2. All very good points, Christy. Although the modern world often puts value on staying productive without stopping, – this is the truth and its become a lot worse with this pandemic. It’s a pity that corporates don’t appreciate and value their staff.

    1. I honestly can sorta relate to what you’re saying in this piece. When I feel like my manager isn’t going to understand then I’m less likely to say anything. But if you get your points across and they understand then that helps a lot! Some managers understand better because they want you to thrive succeed.

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