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7 signs your cat is happy

Signs your cat is happy

Your kitty brings joy to your life and you want to do the same for them. But how to tell if your cat is happy? Thankfully, there are ways to tell! Here are seven signs your cat is happy.

1. They sleep the right amount

Happy, healthy cats sleep an average of 15 hours per day, so if you notice they snooze a lot, now you know why. It shows they’re feeling good! That’s a lot more zzz’s than the average person gets, right?

Pay attention to how they sleep, too. They might snore. Here’s a great article about why your cat snores.

What about where they fall asleep? Felines can sleep almost anywhere, from the top of your fresh pile of laundry to underneath the bed.

So, don’t worry if they’re not using their cat bed all the time. If they sleep near you, it shows that they are happy in your presence!

2. Purring is another of the signs your cat is happy

A cat’s purr is a soft sound in most cases, although our Layla can be quite loud at times. It’s a buzz that goes and goes.

It means that your fur baby is comfortable or that they are soothing themselves to get to that peaceful point. So, if you hear the relaxing sound, it signifies that they are content.

They will usually purr when they are sleepy or you stroke them gently with your hand. The noise provides great feedback about whether or not they are enjoying your attention.

Few things are better than having a purring cat sitting on your lap. It’s a moment of pure peace for the pair of you!

3. They enjoy playing

It’s playtime! If your kitty runs around, follows string, and scratches its post, then rest assured they are content.

It’s one of the signs your cat is happy because it shows they are in tune with their instincts, as wild cats play with their siblings and chase other animals. Try to encourage playtime if they’re not interacting much with objects or you lately.

For example, I play ball with Nemo sometimes. I refer to him as our “dog cat.” The interactions are a great way to stimulate your cat, and they are sure to appreciate the fun!

They will also likely love that you are paying so much attention to them. Here are four more ways to tell if your cat is happy:

4. They are friendly

Friendly cats are happy cats, generally, although our Nemo likes to play fight when he’s in a good mood too. One way your fur pal might show affection is by rubbing against your legs.

It also means that they are comfortable around you, which is excellent news as the parent of such an independent animal.

Don’t worry if they are not friendly to everyone, either. That doesn’t necessarily mean they’re unhappy, just that they are being cautious.

One of our friends in particular has Nemo retreating under the bed or to the bathtub! He doesn’t like the booming voice that comes from our dear friend.

Just make sure you’re considerate around your cat when new people are in the home. Don’t force interactions on them that have them feeling uncomfortable.

5. More signs of a happy cat: A good appetite

Cats who don’t eat enough or eat too much might be stressed out. If that’s the case, take them to the vet as soon as possible to find out exactly what is happening.

The professional can provide tips for helping your fur kid. Eating poorly can also be symptomatic of a serious health disorder, such as cat anorexia.

If your cat has a healthy appetite, however, then you can feel good knowing they are both healthy and happy. You might even give them a little treat now and then!

6. They keep themselves clean

Fortunately for owners, cats are very clean animals. You likely noticed long ago how often kitties groom themselves.

The grooming activity is one they do not only for cleaning purposes but also for self-soothing. It can be a way to calm themselves down.

If you find your cat bathing themselves, the chances are that the little one is content. The activity is also spreading natural oils in the skin and helping detangle fur.

7. Final signs your cat is happy: They knead

Like purring, kneading is another way of showing they are settled and relaxed. Sometimes, when your sweetie kneads, they are preparing to settle down and snooze. So, let them prepare their bed in peace.

Other times, kneading is a way for them to show pleasure. They might be snuggling with you or like the feel of a particular blanket on their paws.

If your cat shows these signs, you can feel good knowing they’re happy. Keep doing what you are doing!

How do you tell if your cat is happy? Are there other signs? Are any of the ones described above new to you?

4 thoughts on “7 signs your cat is happy”

  1. Don’t forget that if cats are happy, their tails are upright, erect!
    My vet cites these are not only happiness points, but health points. I must add tails in the air to all of your valid points. A cat dragging its tail is not good.

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