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The road to fitness: What’s holding you back?

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If amping up your fitness levels is your goal to make this year a little more enjoyable, you’ll have to give yourself a fair shot at success. While you naturally want to focus on the positives, it’s equally crucial to recognize what’s holding you back. The sooner you remove those obstacles, the smoother the journey ahead will become for you. Focus on resolving the five potential issues below to stay on the road to fitness.


Persistent injuries are probably the most common reason for either giving up on fitness goals or falling short of the initial targets. The harsh reality is that achy muscles are often a natural part of the process.

Therefore, learning to deal with sore muscles and other issues like irritated, dry skin is vital. Meanwhile, if you have only recently started on the road to fitness, you must respect your body.

Trying to do too much too soon or pushing through the barrier could worsen the problem. Slow and steady progress is far better than experiencing no progress at all.

Luckily, advancements in technology, as well as the fitness industry, have also made it possible for people with injuries to still be able to train efficiently. Aids like bfr bands, for example, have proven to be very useful in training and rehabilitation scenarios and can help you get the muscle tone and strength you need back without having to compromise on anything. However, it would still be wise to consult with your healthcare professional before you make any final decisions.

What’s holding you back? No urgency

You already have the motivation to get fit. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have started the process in the first place.

However, most people need a reason to continue their weekly routines. Competing against friends by signing up for a fitness App can provide the incentive to keep going.

Alternatively, try registering for an event, like a 10km race or a bike ride. Doing that can work wonders for your motivation.

When you set a date for when you need to hit peak performance, abandoning the plans is more difficult. In turn, one of the biggest mental blocks disappears.

Wearing the wrong clothing on the road to fitness

Choosing the right clothes for workouts isn’t just about looking good. The wrong selections can lead to increased injuries and discomfort, both of which will knock you off your stride.

Likewise, your performance levels will suffer. Base layer choices are crucial, which is why a bra size calculator can be a powerful tool.

Aside from wearing the right attire during workouts, it’ll help you make smarter choices in daily life. In turn, your body will feel more comfortable and confident, which can make your road to fitness a successful one.

Lack of versatility might be what’s holding you back

Once you find an enjoyable routine that matches your goals, it can be tempting to repeat it again and again. While it’s necessary to practice the same exercises multiple times, you need to mix things up too.

For starters, a lack of versatility can leave one muscle group feeling out of sync with the rest of your body. Meanwhile, the body will get used to the same routine very quickly.

So, you may significantly compromise the benefits. Conversely, a mixture will work out the whole body while also promoting a strong mindset.

Time management on the road to fitness

Finally, anyone who wants to get fit needs to understand the importance of consistency. Again, that doesn’t mean doing the same routine daily.

Instead, it means you need to fit exercise into your schedule regularly. Anything less than that results in disrupted progress.

If you truly wish to manage your workout time as well as you can, gaining control of your time is essential. The benefits of this process will extend to virtually all other aspects of life. Given that a better quality of life is the purpose of getting fit, this factor is a game-changer.

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