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How to prepare for a new family pet

New family pet, a dog

Introducing a new pet to the family is an exciting time. But it can also feel overwhelming if you’ve never had a pet before or if your new pet is young, like a puppy or kitten. You must arrange certain things for your new pet for the long term to benefit them, the rest of your family, and your home. If unsure where to start, here is a checklist of important areas to consider when preparing for a new family pet.

Get your home ready

Depending on the type and age of the animal you’re bringing home, your property needs to be arranged differently. You have to think a lot differently about your space for young pets that will need training, such as puppies.

It’s a good idea to tidy away anything you don’t want to risk damaging when the new family member arrives soon. Also, clear a large amount of space for training.

You might also want to think about the areas you want your pet to be able to explore in and outside of the house. If there are any rooms you would rather your pet not go into, consider features like pet gates to keep them out. Alternatively, simply get into the habit of closing certain doors.

Plan out a routine with the new family pet

Especially with dogs, a new pet can seriously overhaul your daily routine. It can shock the system for many families who aren’t used to dealing with a pet.

You may need to get up earlier in the morning and re-arrange your schedule to fit evening walks. You might even need to ensure that your pet is cared for during hours that you’re at work or can’t otherwise be home to feed or care for them.

Pets take a lot of time, dedication, and a good understanding of their needs and habits. Thus, planning a good routine will benefit the whole family in organizing without last-minute worries.

Find an affordable veterinary service

Finding a vet you can trust as soon as possible — especially if you have a growing puppy or kitten — is essential to good healthcare for your new pet. Veterinary services can get expensive, so finding a friendly and affordable option, like easyvet, is key for long-term peace of mind.

Having a one-stop shop for all your pet care needs will save you time, energy, and money. Some things to add to your to-do list are medical examinations, microchipping, and deworming treatment. Therefore, doing your research ahead of time will be a big help. Additionally, Bivvy’s affordable pet health insurance is an excellent way to cover your pet in case of accident or illness. It can also help you pay for some of the routine vet-related expenses. This will ensure your furry friend remains happy and healthy.

Get essential supplies for the new family pet

It’s time to shop for the new pet’s needs, from cleaning supplies to food. That can be a big expense initially if you have to buy everything in one go, but once you have all the essentials, you shouldn’t need to replace them.

Depending on the pet, essentials can include:

  • A bed or place to sleep
  • Toys
  • Food
  • Dog sinus infection remedy
  • A tank or cage
  • A collar, halter, or lead
  • Training items, such as puppy pads or a training lead


Preparing as much as possible ahead of time for your new pet will make the transition easier for both your family and the new animal. So, complete all of the above well ahead of time. That’s a big part of how best to give the pet a healthy lifestyle for many years.


Top photo by Megan Markham from Pexels

10 thoughts on “How to prepare for a new family pet”

  1. Great article, Christy. I have 7 cats, 4 females and 3 males. I had 2 male dogs but unfortunately my oldest doggy just died 3 1/2 months from kidney failure. Tried everything, but his time on this earth was done. I am still grieving. Anyways, I don’t want to make you sad.
    But the truth is that we love these beautiful pets since the first time we bring them home, and you help a lot by posting a helping article about how to prepare.
    Thank you for your concern and care for pets. When it rains, I don’t care if the rain is too heavy and hard, I HAVE to go outside and make sure that my chickens are ok, yes, even though I KNOW they are OK. They are not pets, the chickens, but they give me so many eggs and happiness that I don’t want them to suffer at all while they are on this wonderful planet of ours.
    Thank you again, for caring. Respect!

    1. Dear Martha, your heart is huge to be taking care of so many animals. I am sorry to hear about your dog who passed away recently. My heart goes out to you as these precious souls are part of the family. Our orange cat welcomes us home and we call him a “dog cat”; he goes around with a small ball in his mouth too. Their personalities are unique and their love is real! xo

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