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5 types of healthcare technology making waves

Types of healthcare technology, including artificial intelligence

The world of healthcare technology is huge today. There are many new forms of tech and devices changing the way in which people are cared for and the way in which they’re treated in medical institutions around the world. Below, let’s talk about some of the biggest changes in the world of healthcare and why you should be paying attention to them. So, read on to find out more about the latest types of healthcare tech, including artificial intelligence.

1. Robotics

Robotics are increasingly important in the world of health and social care. In care homes, it’s now possible for robotics equipment to help people with mobility issues move around and get out of bed.

Also, exoskeleton technology has made leaps and bounds forward. It offers a greater range of mobility to people with disabilities and other problems that limit their ability to move easily.

2. Wearable types of healthcare technology

Wearable tech is about more than the consumer devices that we’re all familiar with, such as the Apple iWatch. Today, wearable technology also makes it possible for doctors to monitor the vital signs of their patients over a longer period of time.

Medical professionals are doing this monitoring to maintain greater insight into their patients’ problems. For instance, they can discover an individual’s ailments are doing from day to day as they go about their normal lives.

3. Thermal body scanners

Right now, as we all know only too well, we’re living through a global pandemic. And as we hopefully emerge from it in 2021, medical technology is going to be key.

The world will open up but it’s important to be able to spot cases of COVID-19, and a thermal scanner is one of the things that will help do that. This type of scanner offers a fast and precise way of seeing potentially infectious people. On a related note, the scanners in airports and other international hubs are highly developed and perform better than ever before.

Below are two more types of healthcare technology.

4. VR training for surgeons

VR or virtual reality is something that we still mainly associate with the world of video games and things like that. But that doesn’t necessarily need to be the case.

Virtual reality is impacting the world of healthcare technology in exciting ways. For example, surgeons can complete part of their training using VR technology. That allows them to practice procedures in an accurate yet safe environment where there’s no life on the line.

5. Artificial intelligence in healthcare

Analyzing medical data takes a lot of time and other resources. The same can be said of analyzing scans for potential problems or signs that an individual requires medical intervention. It is tough but vital work.

To help with the workload, experts are developing artificial intelligence technologies that perform these types of tasks reliably and efficiently. It could be the future of medical data and scan analysis.

Final words on types of healthcare technology

Each of these technologies is changing the way in which we receive and provide healthcare, and they’re also technologies that are still developing and progressing. The future of health and care is changing at a rapid pace. Things are bound to get more interesting and more exciting.


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18 thoughts on “5 types of healthcare technology making waves”

  1. I remember when watching Star Trec episodes many years ago, people would be taken to the hospital portion of the spaceship where the Doctor would simply do a body scan and things would be fixed. Often science fiction precedes reality. We are getting closer to what used to be science fiction. That is a good thing!

  2. Such a brilliant post , it is so true technology has come so far and we have all these new techniques and types of healthcare .Robots and robotics used in surgeries is also incredible.Thanks for sharing !

  3. OIKOS™-Editorial

    Lets hope all these modern inventions will bring benefits for all the people with less money too.Sometimes i am a little bit concerned about this. Have a look at the actual crisis, and the less ventilators we had. Using 3D construction these at least low cost devices could be build very fast. The same about the more secure masks. Maybe there will be a better community, after this crisis. Best wishes, Michael

    1. Hopefully, in time, the cost of technology will decrease so that all countries have access, not just the places with more money. I am glad we live in Canada where the healthcare system is quite different than the US. I appreciate what you are saying, Michael.

    2. OIKOS™-Editorial

      Thank you very much, Christy! Here we are just testing out our privatizised healthcare.

    3. OIKOS™-Editorial

      Thank you very much, Christy! Lets hope i will not be in need,during these horrible times of the virus. Stay save! Michael

  4. There are definitely some really exciting developments thanks to ever evolving technology, aren’t there? Some great examples here. I think VR used to be seen as more of a fad but actually it can have some incredibly useful real-life applications. xx

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