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3 effective remedies for back strain

back strain remedies

As people get older, one of the most frequent health complaints is back pain. That is not surprising given the heavy strain put on the back year after year. An aching back can keep you from doing the activities you love with the people you love the most. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to overcome this frustrating condition. Below are three remedies for back strain.

1. Seek medical attention

As it might not seem like an urgent medical issue, many people ignore their back pain for years. Ignoring it isn’t helpful, though, and can worsen things.

The reality, which can be hard to deal with, is that you may have an underlying problem that needs addressing or you risk further damaging your back. You may wish to consider seeing a doctor or looking up a local chiropractor.

These professionals can provide you with treatment options that are not accessible on your own. For instance, a lower back pain chiropractor Austin can help restore your back to its proper alignment in a safe way.

2. More back strain remedies: Avoid heavy lifting

Once you start to experience back pain, one of the first things to do when looking for remedies is to think about what might have caused it. Did a specific event happen where you felt the back tweak?

It is vital to pay attention to the types of activities that may have caused the damage. A common culprit is lifting heavy objects.

If possible, do not lift items that seem too heavy for you. Consider wearing protective equipment that prevents back injuries.

If you have to lift a heavy object alone, try to keep your posture as straight as possible and avoid twisting at the waist when lifting the item. Be sure to push with your legs rather than using your back as the core.

3. Exercise carefully

When you are in any kind of pain, it can be tempting to cut out exercise entirely. While it may be smart to reduce those exercises that strain your back, becoming sedentary is not an effective remedy. Some activities, such as yoga, swimming, and stretching may actually help these aches.

If you have to stay sitting all day at your job, there are even some back-friendly changes you can make to the work environment. For example, get up every 45 minutes to relieve pressure put on the back. You could also look into getting a standing desk and wearing adequate shoe insoles so you can alternate between sitting and standing.

In addition to thinking carefully about what type of exercise you do, be sure to do it the right way. If you lift weights, for instance, consider consulting a trainer to make sure you are not lifting too much or using improper form. Also, if you like running or walking, make sure you wear proper footwear to prevent injury or soreness.

Embracing remedies for back strain

It is normal to have some aches and pains with age, but you need to address chronic pain as soon as possible. Don’t ignore the problem while it worsens. Instead, seek help and make the necessary changes to ensure you can continue doing the things you enjoy for years to come.

6 thoughts on “3 effective remedies for back strain”

  1. Hi Christy… The back is a part of us which takes a great deal of abuse. I crushed the T-5 and T-6 vertebrae and when speaking with a surgeon he recommended what the call Kyphoplasty surgery where they drill two holes in each damaged vertebrae and pump medically approved cement into each damaged vertebrae.
    Glad to say that after 7 months of excruciating pain I opted for this surgery. 20 minutes after I woke in recovery they had me bend, stretch and walk about the ward. The pain was completely gone and what a relief it was.
    Now I stay active and take far better care to not do anymore damage… amazing surgery.


  2. Thank you for sharing advice on back ache. Another way I’ve avoided back stress is through massages. I occasionally sit on a ball to sit on when I’m working at the computer to avoid staying in the same position and to strengthen my core. Definitely exercisem as advised above, and weight training helps prevent back injury.

  3. Yoga is definitely an excellent remedy for back ache , there are specific asanas specifically for back aches that help. Lifting heavy objects should be avoided and done with care . Nice share Christy!

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