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5 signs it’s time to visit a chiropractor for lower back pain

Chiro for lower back pain

Ever since the work-from-home trend began, it seems like more people are suffering from back pain. Despite how common the backache is, there is a range of reasons for having it in the first place. As each case is different, every doctor recommends a unique treatment plan for the individual. There are often similarities, though; standard care includes rest, exercise, and stretching in-between your work. In addition, a chiropractor for lower back pain might come to your rescue. It includes spinal manipulation and certain exercises.

For many patients with lower back pain, accepting the fact that treatment is necessary and booking the first appointment with a chiro are big first steps. Those initial actions can be far more difficult than following consistent treatment over time. And then there are some people who will choose to live with the pain until it becomes unbearable.

Here are some signs that indicate that it might be time to see a chiropractor for your aching lower back:

1. Pain is generated from hard tissue rather than soft

The medical industry classifies pain according to the structural tissue involved and the points of the body impacted. If the pain is due to injury, then it is often treated through massage therapy for example.

On the other hand, if the ache is generated from hard tissue, you may benefit from spinal manipulation. If so, it is best performed by a well-trained chiropractor.

The spine and joints are two examples of hard tissue. If you feel tightened muscles or sharp pain there, it cannot be easily relieved through massage alone.

2. Pinched nerve

Let’s get into little biology here. The human spinal structure provides tight quarters for the spinal discs, nerves, and cartilage.

So, whenever a disc bulges out of place or another structure intrudes on the space naturally filled by a nerve, that nerve will be pinched. A pinched nerve is one of the causes of lower back pain.

If you feel numbness, the sensation of needles prickling your skin from within, or sharp shooting pain in the legs and feet, you likely can benefit from a chiropractor. A chiropractor will first identify the cause of the pinched nerve.

From there, the professional will work towards easing tension from tight muscles. The object is to give the nerve more room to function properly.

3. Chiro for lower back pain when nothing else seems to work

Have you tried other forms of treatment but aren’t able to experience desired pain relief? Or, perhaps you are still in enough pain that your daily life is getting impacted.

If so, a chiropractor might be what you need. The initial consultation with your chiropractor is enough to determine whether this form of treatment will be helpful in relieving your pain or not.

4. The area is red or swelling

If you see redness or swelling around the area of pain, it is a cause of concern and requires immediate medical attention. If the back pain continues for about a week, it is a sure shot sign that you need to see a doctor.

Your doctor might recommend tests to see what is going on with your back. They may recommend a chiropractor.

5. Noticing one or more unexpected signs

There are many warning symptoms that you may not directly attribute to a backache. One example is having a high temperature with your backache.

Another example is a sudden ache in your legs that you weren’t experiencing before. These occurrences could be nothing or they could be red flags, so to be safe side head to the doctor.

A few last words on a chiropractor for lower back pain

You are not the only one visiting a doctor for your back pain. Roughly, 85% of people experience severe back pain enough to see a doctor at some point in their life. Now that you know the easy-to-spot signs then it’s time to see your chiropractor for back pain.

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