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Get inspired: Groundbreaking women in fintech

Fintech gender imbalance

Fintech is an abbreviation for financial technology. It refers to any business that combines these two terms. Today, let’s talk about this growing industry, gender imbalance, and showcase the top women in fintech who are inspiring others in a handy infographic.

Fintech gender imbalance

The world of fintech is cutting edge, innovative, and revolutionary. While the industry has made many technological advances, it’s still missed the mark in a crucial way.

What is missed? The extreme underrepresentation of women since the industry started to flourish in the 90’s. Decades later, women still face significant barriers when it comes to their inclusion in this male-dominated industry.

Take the tech giant Google as an example. It is a company known for being one of the most innovative in the world. Yet, only 30.9% of their overall workforce is women, and only 21.9% of them hold tech positions.

Additionally, Innovate Finance’s 2019 Venture Capital Investment Report cites that female founders make up just 17% of fintech companies. As for VC fintech funding, women receive just 3% of the shares, as compared to men.

Or look at Snejina Zacharia, one of the top women in fintech, who has sat in meetings with investors who pay attention only to her male co-founder. Yet, she brings decades of business experience to the table that qualify her to be in the room.

Why gender inclusivity in fintech matters

Firstly, it’s about being fair. Secondly, it’s about doing what’s right.

There’s so much more to consider too. The gender diversity problem in fintech presents a significant loss of opportunity for key players in this space. Diversity is key to innovation.

Minimizing the inclusion of what women have to offer creates countless issues in the pursuit of higher levels of creativity and growth. Those are the very characteristics that this industry claims to stand for.

Top women in fintech who rise, despite the obstacles

By now it’s clear that the fintech industry has consistently dismissed highly ambitious and capable ladies looking for a seat at the table. However, there are some who have nevertheless persist. Today, we hear their voices and commend them. Thank you for your contributions.

This visual designed by CreditRepair features some of the female leaders who have beat the odds. The inspiring top women in the fintech infographic below have carved their own path in an industry that society has told them they have no place in.

Their experiences offer a picture of what it looks like to go after seemingly impossible goals and dreams, in a world where everything is telling them to give up. They serve as advocates for women everywhere looking to carve a new path for themselves.

These same females inspire the next generation of strong women. The leaders shown below are some of the role models to look up to.

They provide encouragement for females of all ages who feel defeated or wonder how to face obstacles that have no foreseeable solution. They are all the proof you need: you’re far more capable than you believe.

Infographic on top women in fintech

Top women in fintech infographic from

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