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How to feel more confident in a swimsuit

How to be more confident in a swimsuit

Summer can be amazing with its warm days, cold drinks like lemonade, and a break from school or work. But something a lot of women dread is putting on swimwear. From trying a bikini on in a store changeroom to wearing it in public at a pool or beach, you might feel uncomfortable about your body. Here are tips for how to feel more confident in a swimsuit.

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Lime Ricki. Rest assured, all opinions are my own.

Stop pointing out personal flaws

Are you looking for the newest imperfection on your skin? Do you worry your skin is pale instead of tanned or see a new blemish?

While it’s easy to get caught up in what’s wrong with your skin or a little extra weight around the middle, it’s not good for your mind. And it’s certainly not going to help you feel more confident in a swimsuit. Instead, you’re mentally torturing yourself by pointing out what’s not perfect.

The reality is nothing and no one is perfect. Read that sentence again if you have to!

It’s true that even Cindy Crawford isn’t free of imperfections. Yes, even Cindy Crawford struggles with aging.

So, don’t go down the path of beating yourself up. That’s only going to put a damper on your day and won’t improve anything.

Feel more confident in a swimsuit: Avoid comparisons

It’s tempting to start comparing yourself to swimwear models and people you know in real life. Maybe your friend has a body that you wish you had. But, you know what, she might want your body! She also might be unhappy with her appearance and not be telling you.

Besides, you’re unique and that’s beautiful. So, stop comparing yourself to others and instead take pride in who you are on the inside. When you love yourself, then you shine bright and confident to anyone you come across, no matter what you wear.

You don’t have to bare it all

That’s right, even when you wear a swimsuit, you can still wear a coverup and look fashionable. There are also bikinis and one-pieces for women that aren’t skimpy, which I love to see.

Just because you’re not showing as much skin as another lady at the pool or beach does not mean that you are any less sexy or confident. For example, Lime Ricki has cute swimwear that is full coverage and comfortable to wear too. Start to feel more confident in a swimsuit when you love the pretty design and are comfy in it.

Fake it until you make it: Feel more swimsuit confidence

You’ve likely heard this saying a lot, but now I want you to really listen to what it means. You might not feel confident at this moment when wearing swimwear but the next time you have it on I want you to pretend you’re at ease with how you look in it.

Be optimistic and walk like you know your worth. After “faking it” over time, you really will come to believe it. And others will notice that you feel good about yourself too. When you smile and radiate positivity, you will attract good things into your life. I truly believe that.

What are some other ways to feel more confident in a swimsuit?

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