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5 famous female entrepreneurs who inspire

Famous female entrepreneurs

How amazing is the title of this one?! I love that there are five well-known or famous female entrepreneurs in the world to highlight today. From CEOs to TV stars and fashion designers, there are many great role models young women can aspire to become one day. Let’s look at the ladies leading the way for the next generation of women leaders.

Famous female entrepreneurs paving the way

There are many steps to becoming a successful businesswoman, and each lady featured on this list took different ones to forge their paths. Something they all have in common, though, is their drive and determination. They created their own brand: from the moment they made their own business card to putting so much hard work into becoming the entrepreneurs they are today.

Before we look at the impressive array of businesswomen and how far we’ve come, it’s important to acknowledge that we still have a long way to go. As of June 2019, only 7% of the top FTSE 100 UK companies had female CEOs.

For now, let’s celebrate the woman thriving in the business world. Here is the promised list of five famous female entrepreneurs.

1. Liv Garfield

Liv Garfield, from Severn Trent, the water utility company, is the youngest CEO on the FTSE 100 UK. Garfield has built an impressive portfolio during her career thus far.

In an interview, she spoke about the importance of sustainability and wants to do her part to help the environment. She tries to organize her time to make the most of every part of her day. She also stressed the importance of trust and communication for all members of the team.

2. More famous female entrepreneurs: Dame Emma Warmsley

Dame Emma Warmsley is another leader to feature on the FTSE 100. She is the CEO of GlaxoSmithKline, a pharmaceutical company.

This year she was appointed a Dame (DBE) for her services in the industry. She studied at Oxford University beginning a career working for several successful companies, including L’Oreal and Microsoft.

3. Helena Helmersson

There are so many global businesswomen, so let’s explore outside of the FTSE 100 UK. Helena Helemerrson, from Sweden, is the CEO of H&M group.

She began with H&M in 1997 and steadily moved her way up through the company. She was named the most important businessperson of the year by Sweden’s leading business journal in 2014.

Helena hopes to make this brand more sustainable going forward. I hope her work inspires other companies in the industry to take similar eco-friendly actions.

4. Oprah Winfrey

You can’t write a list of famous or well known female entrepreneurs in the world without including the legend Oprah Winfrey! Her talk show ran for 25 years, and she transformed it into her own business and media empire.

She overcame a tough childhood to get where she is today. Oprah has not forgotten where she came from as she continues to donate millions of her fortunes to worthy causes.

5. Vera Wang

Her name is known around the world. Vera Wang is an inspirational example of a woman making herself into her own brand.

She started her career later than many women in business, designing her own wedding dress at 40 and then deciding to develop a fashion label. She now produces iconic pieces, showing that your age shouldn’t stop you from following your passions.

A few last thoughts on famous female entrepreneurs

The women above continue to get stronger over the decades. While there is still work to do as equality is not yet the norm in the workplace, it’s still important to celebrate current successes.

Which businesswomen inspire you the most? Find another inspiring women entrepreneur in this spotlight on Cris Santos!

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