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3 ways to improve memory retention

Ways to improve memory retention

You might assume that being forgetful isn’t something to worry about. But, if you regularly struggle to remember important appointments or information, it can have a huge impact on your life. You risk looking unprofessional at work, and memory issues also can affect personal relationships. If you’re tired of the forgetfulness, here are ways to improve memory retention.

Play games regularly

As long as a poor memory isn’t a sign of a more serious condition, there are lots of simple things that you can do to improve memory. One of the most popular is to play some of the many games designed to specifically for this purpose.

There are several different apps, for example, to download to your smartphone or tablet that will ask you to do simple tasks in a certain amount of time. The more you practice on these apps, the quicker you’ll be able to complete tasks like this.

Just like any physical workout, these exercises are training your brain to act quicker and more accurately. By engaging the brain in different tasks, you’re exercising it, just like you would with the rest of the body, to help keep it strong.

Looking for ways to improve memory retention? Check with a doctor

If you regularly forget things, go to the doctor for a check-up. It might be nothing, yes. But, if it’s an early symptom of a neurological disorder, such as dementia. It is, therefore, important to get a diagnosis as early as possible.

Other symptoms of dementia can include mood changes, concentration problems, and struggling to remember correct words during conversations. If you or a loved one are also experiencing some of these other symptoms, make an appointment with a local health professional.

If your loved one is diagnosed with dementia and their memory continues to deteriorate, they may need help completing simple tasks. There are many problems that someone with dementia might face every day. When it comes to ways to improve memory retention, a senior living center can fully appreciate and assist your family member with their issues.

These tasks can include dressing, bathing, and feeding themselves. If you find they need help with tasks like these, often the best solution is to find them with a care facility that can give them the level of support needed.

You might want to help them with these tasks yourself and also help with ways to improve memory retention. But very few of us have enough time to spare after working and other tasks to dedicate to the round-the-clock care needed.

Plus, it can be embarrassing for loved ones to have you doing intimate tasks for them. Instead, a quality care facility can provide practical support to help you or a loved one. That can result in a life with less stress and more comfort.

Look after the rest of your body too

The rest of your body has a huge affect on your mind’s ability to function correctly. For example, drinking too much alcohol, not getting enough sleep and even being overweight are all proven to have a negative effect on memory.

If you want to improve your memory, as well as rectifying all of these problems, consider eating less sugar. You also might take a fish oil supplement every day. Ask your doctor whether those changes to your diet are right for you or if they suggest something else.

What are some other ways to improve memory retention?

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