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Prime minister Jacinda Ardern inspires: NZ achievements

Jacinda Ardern

I was in shock when my dad showed me this video and so I wanted to share it here. Wow. Jacinda Ardern, who is the prime minister of New Zealand, shared two years of achievements in a video that is, well, mind-blowing.

Why is it exceptional? You will understand when you start to watch it. The number of achievements by her government, especially during the pandemic, is jaw-dropping. This video is to celebrate the two-year creation of the government under her leadership.

What are the inspiring achievements of Jacinda Ardern’s government?

Among the key achievements of her government that she highlights in the video are:

  • Created 92,000 jobs
  • Built 2,200+ state houses
  • Created the Climate Change Response Amendment Bill
  • Planted 140 million trees
  • Radiation machines for better cancer care
  • Created essential cancer agency
  • Cheaper doctor visits for half a million people
  • Increased minimum wage
  • Hired 2,000 more doctors and nurses
  • Built classrooms in schools for 100,000 students
  • Winter Energy Payment helped 1 millon Kiwis pay bills

The New Zealand government under Jacinda Ardern’s leadership has reduced unemployment to the lowest it’s been in 11 years! Not only that but NZ has the highest wages in 10 years.

See for yourself as she says the achievements on a two-minute timer:

She goes over the two-minute limit. But, I don’t mind as she’s continuing to list many great advancements!

My list above only includes some of the achievements but there many more important ones that Jacinda Ardern talks about in the video. So, be sure to watch the whole video on YouTube.

Helping families in New Zealand

In the video, PM Ardern also points out the boosts in funding to NZ family violence services to end domestic and sexual abuse. The 2020 budget allocated $183 million over the following four years to the Ministry of Social Development to fund access to family violence services.

Doing this now is especially important given the pressures that the pandemic is putting on households, which can lead to domestic violence situations. It can save lives.

They’ve also increased income for 384,000 households via the Families Package. This government benefit intends to boost incomes of low-income and middle-income families. The goal is to provide a better start in life for kids, which hopefully will show over time with a reduced child poverty rate in NZ.

Firsts and other facts about Jacinda Ardern

Did I mention that Ardern was the youngest leader of the NZ Labour Party? When she took the position of PM, she was the youngest person in 150 years to do so. She is the youngest female ever as prime minister.

Jacinda Ardern was born July 26, 1980. She got a BA from Waikato University in 2001 (the same year I got my BA!). She majored in communications studies.

Her political experience includes being a staff member for former British PM Tony Blair and former NZ PM Helen Clark. On August 1, 2017, Ardern was elected leader and officially sworn as prime minister on October 26, 2017.

She is a mom, she is engaged, and she is leading the country during the novel pandemic. Recently, she won a second term as NZ prime minister (October 17, 2020).

What an inspirational life she is leading by running a government that already has done so much for New Zealand.

Sharing good news

During a time when there is so much to feel uneasy about locally and globally, it is nice to have positive things to share here. Seeing a government achieving so much for so many people, and doing it under female leadership, means a lot to me.

Perhaps the initiatives of the Jacinda Ardern’s New Zealand government will serve as a model in other countries. I also hope to see another female PM soon in Canada; the first and only one was Kim Campbell.

Have you seen this video before? Does it inspire you like it has for me? Feel free to share your answers and more good news in the comments section below.

18 thoughts on “Prime minister Jacinda Ardern inspires: NZ achievements”

  1. This woman inspires me with her sincerity and her intelligence, Christy. Apart from the many programmes and changes she has headed she did many of these during her pregnancy and birth of her baby whilst in office. Now that’s got to be a fantastic feat, too! She even attended the 73rd United Nations General Assembly in New York with babe in tow. What can’t she do? All this and with an incredible sense of humour as well.

    No, I hadn’t seen the video before. Wow, this woman truly is inspirational.

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