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How to feel more sexy and confident in your body

How to feel more sexy and confident

Feeling good in your own skin is what this guide is all about! It’s not about doing so to please your partner, either. There are numerous guides about how to look hot for your man, but this isn’t one of them. Don’t feel you have to do that! Instead, look your best for… you. Here’s how to feel more sexy and confident as a woman.

Put on nice underwear

Yes, even if you are single. Seriously.

You will feel good, trust me on this point. Put on silky, satin, or whatever other fabric feels luxurious to you.

Wearing nice underwear is about treating yourself well. Don’t do it for someone else but for yourself, ladies.

If it is lacy or has a great-looking pattern on it, you will feel more confident. I’m not making this up! I know it. I have a pair that does exactly that for me.

While you might wear nice undergarments to a fancy party or another special occasion, it doesn’t have to be only for those events. Heck, I wear nice panties sometimes even when I don’t leave the house.

Why? It makes me feel good. I deserve nice things. I’m worth it.

To feel more sexy and confident, boost your natural assets

You’ve been born with amazing features so now you want to help them look even better! Think about what you consider to be the best parts of your body.

The obvious choices might be bum and chest, but a great smile can make you look and feel radiant. In this case, it could be a tooth-whitening kit that you get from the dentist to use at home to take your smile to the next level.

There are many other great features that people are likely admiring about you. If you’re not sure what they are, exactly, then ask your close friends and family to share what they think is sexy about you.

Even just knowing they think that way can help you feel more confident in your skin. Your cheekbones, legs, ankles, back… There are so many great parts of the body to admire, aren’t there?

Dress it up

I don’t wear makeup very often but when I do, I admit I hold myself more confidently because it fills in my eyebrows and hides my dark circles.

Yes, I’m talking about body image here. I feel like I look better so that’s part of how to feel sexier.

You might also put on a nice outfit, whether it is a sweater with fashionable pants or a dress. When you feel good in your outfit then you can begin to radiate, and that gives off a confidence that’s clear in any room you step into.

Bear in mind the principle of balance. If you’re going short at the bottom, like with mini skirts or dresses, balance it by keeping your top half more conservative.

Conversely, if you are showing neckline or arms, cover up your bottom half, so as not to distract from the overall effect.

What about your hair?

Don’t forget about your hair! The right hairstyle, or even just a haircut, can take you strides ahead in putting together a look that you love. Remember, you deserve to love how you look.

Add some curls to your hair for a quick boost in looks and mood. In the mood for a short, sexy dress? A half-ponytail or a high bun will complete the look. The sweet spot is to balance sexy and casual.

For dresses, choose the right length to feel sexier

Dresses that are too short can look cheap, while dresses that are too long and shapeless can be a figure-killer. So, what is the best length for your figure?

Here are some quick tips to manage how you wear different styles of dresses:

  • Skirts above the knee will lengthen your legs
  • Avoid going too short – If you feel like it is too high then add leggings, jeans, or pants under the dress for more coverage. That’s what I do so I’m not showing too much
  • Hemlines between the ankle and knee can create a frumpy look, based on the cut of the item. But if it is well-styled and suits your body type, go for it! Not sure? Ask a loved one for their opinion as they’ll be honest with you

Polish the look

The devil is in the details, as the saying goes. A great outfit paired with coffee-stained teeth can go south. Avoid outfit apocalypse by brushing and flossing for a more confident smile! When you want to feel sexier as a woman, that can do it.

A sense of cleanness will give you more confidence than any sexy dress can, so a shower with a body wash that has a scent you love can improve your mood in only a few minutes.

Plus, good grooming forms part of completing any look. So, take care not to neglect this.

I’m not wanting to come across as shallow! When you like how you look and are comfortable in the clothes then you feel sexier and more confident as a woman. That’s how I feel about it, anyway. Feel free to share your opinions below.

Start exploring yourself

Yes, they write about this in many books on psychology, and also practically all sexologists and psychologists say so. To feel sexier and get more pleasure in both life and sex, you need to start studying yourself. And when I say “study yourself” I mean start to look at your body. This way you’ll stop being ashamed of it and will be able to start analyzing which sensations you like during intercourse and which you don’t.

First, it is better to study your body without a partner to understand what exactly you like and what may bring discomfort. Also, various sex toys may assist you in your study, for example, a silicone rabbit vibrator.

This method of increasing sexuality and the feeling of comfort in your body is the most difficult, but also the most effective. Since if you know every millimeter of your body and how it reacts to this or that action, then you will definitely be more confident than before!

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