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New study on women’s underwear choices has empowering finding

Women's underwear choices survey

Panties. Undies. Whatever you call underwear, you’re in it A LOT so you’d better have quite a few in the bedroom drawer to pull from. With so many types of ginch (Canadian slang for the undergarment), a new Tommy John study on women’s underwear choices speaks well for ladies putting themselves in the top spot, rather than their partner – an empowering finding!

About the study

Recently, underwear mogul Tommy John conducted a study on women’s underwear choices. They surveyed 1,000 women to see how their partner’s opinion influences their choice of panties. And the results say a lot about what ladies want in their knickers.

Specifically, the women were asked, “Is the type of underwear you put on influenced by what your love interest finds attractive?” The aggregated data (weighted by age and region) shows women’s answers are:

  • Yes – 9.24%
  • Sometimes – 23.05
  • No – 67.71%
women's underwear finding

The empowering results

Look at that percentage of no’s in the list above! About 68% of the ladies said nope their lovey’s panty preference has no bearing on what they’re buying.

And that tells me that many females are choosing their undies for themselves, which I adore! After all, it’s the gals who are wearing the undergarments!

That’s not all either. The study found another interesting trend about women’s opinions as they age.

Another empowering finding of the Tommy John study is that the surveyed females care less as they age about what their other half considers attractive underwear. That’s shown by the finding that women between ages 18-34 expressed more concern about their love interest’s opinion of their underwear than did older women in the same study.

Personally, I’m all for putting yourself first and do NOT think it’s selfish to do so. While I wish women did this at any age, it seems that for the study’s participants there’s more of a self-focus for women as they age, particularly from the late ’30s onward.

millennial underwear study

Underwear choices and YOU

It could be that gals who are 35+ have more time than millennials to get comfortable in their own skin. I know that’s taken time for me. That might explain why older women are more likely to care about themselves rather than their spouses when it comes to choosing underwear. I know that I put comfort first.

And I am also practical, wearing the style of underwear, such as thongs, that would look most discrete with my outfit that particular day. For example, if it’s a form-fitting skirt then I’d go for a thong to avoid any visible panty lines. Ordinarily, though I’m all for the full bottom style as they’re super comfy for me.

The underwear choices are just one example of putting yourself first, of course. It’s part of a broader topic: self-care. And it’s one that really does matter as you’re more likely to be happy when you put yourself first.

That makes sense as you’re not going to be able to help anyone else if you’re not strongly rooted begin with. Having low energy from the start can prevent you from truly helping those you care about or doing things that matter to you.

On a final note, self-care refers to mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual areas of health. If you’re looking for more on this topic, here are more self-care tips.

27 thoughts on “New study on women’s underwear choices has empowering finding”

  1. What an encouraging post to read, Christy! It definitely gives me some hope to see that women are choosing undergarments that actually suit their body and feel comfortable throughout the day. I don’t know about you, but pulling undies out of places they shouldn’t be — 😲 — weeeelllll, I’ll pass.

    If I felt pressured by my other half to wear what HE thought looked ‘good,” I’d be removing him as fast as I did the miserable pair of panties! LOL. It might be a good indicator that you’re in a toxic situation to begin with. Wearing something fancy for a special night is different. Feeling like you have to “perform” daily, that’s ridiculous.

    Thanks for sharing this Christy. Does my heart good to hear that perhaps there is some advancement of women beginning to do what’s best for their bodies and accept that they don’t need all the extra BS to be ‘beautiful.’ You already are! :)

    Much love, many hugs and endless blessings being sent your way today ♥

    1. Holly, you and I both know from experience many warning signs of toxicity and let’s just say we’re having no more of it! Your comment about pulling undies out of places made me laugh ;) I’m sending you big hugs and blessings xxoo

  2. I meet my boyfriend until I was 26. Even now at almost 29 I still choose to where what makes me comfortable. My boyfriend doesn’t care what I wear underneath my clothes or what I nice or bad I look in general

  3. I think underwear should look good under clothes given most people don’t see you with clothes off 🤣 I would choose a smooth T-shirt bra over a Lacey number if my top looked better over it! X

  4. That is a heartening response from the survey. What each of us wears, underwear or not, should be our choice. Agree with you on choosing what fits and how comfortable it makes us feel. If you’re not comfortable with what you’re wearing, you’re probably going to be feeling it all day, underwear especially! Choosing the right underwear for us can indeed be a form of self-care. If you feel good, you can take on the world :)

  5. An interestingly different topic…. and I was a No before I even saw the stats. I am in-between boyfriends at the moment (with the next one likely to be the same as the last one, if you see what I mean :-) ) and the only consideration I might give is that if I knew I felt like a bit of romance then I’d perhaps go for black rather than my usual nude-colour bra and whatever knickers I fancy wearing to go with them. Unfortunately, for my shape I prefer to wear a push up bra to boost what I’ve got, and unfortunately this limits colours as well as the preference for having a matching set of underwear as well.

    One comment I find a bit ridiculous above is the one that states this person wears a thong to avoid a panty-line… well, over in the UK we have no-VPL knickers so they are of the full-bottom (or high-leg) type but without the panty liner look.

    1. Hi Andrea, I’m curious now about what any research has shown about bra choices on dates… There’s so much out there to look at and read that sometimes I get overwhelmed ;) I love learning! The reality is that the right guy for you won’t care about your undergarments but instead will be deeply in love with your brain – because you’re one heck of a smart lady!

    1. Hi Prajakta, there are so many posts out there about how to attract a guy but I just can’t bring myself to do it… I’d much rather write about how to build self-confidence ;)

  6. It’s how it should be. My underwear is not influenced by what my wife likes, neither is hers influenced by what I like. We each wear what we like and are comfortable wearing… A no-brainer. :)

  7. Very interesting posting, Christy! At first i thought the study is wrong, but with the attached result for women between 18 and 34 I think they are right. Its going better, but here are many efforts to chance something too. Michael

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