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Technology and law firms: Why now is the time to update tech

Technology and law firms

More than any other time in recent history, computers and the Internet are transforming personal and professional lives. Huge advances in processing power, storage and connection speeds are revolutionizing the way people work, shop, communicate, and spend their free time. It is more important than ever in the legal profession for lawyers to embrace tech innovations. Here is more about technology and law firms today.

Technology and law firms during the pandemic

During the recent pandemic, the dependence on connected technologies rose dramatically with many employees forced to work remotely due to lockdowns. Through COVID-19, chat and video conferencing apps became the primary form of communication.

Outside of work, many people took to shopping online to save risking potentially spreading the virus through outside contact. COVID-19 also had a dramatic impact on the legal profession, with mounting calls for the digitization of courts to better serve a modern population and reduce costs.

Many people believe the reliance on technology through the lockdown will last long after the virus has abated. Countless experts predict homeworking will soon become the norm rather than the exception.

As a high percentage of legal work is conducted through writing and official documentation. Some people predict we may be on the verge of seeing the birth of virtual law firms.

That means that the majority of work would happen online rather than face-to-face. It would be a revolutionary step for technology and law firms.

The growth of AI in personal and work lives

The powers and sophistication of Artificial Intelligence (AI) have grown exponentially in recent years. Technology is finally beginning to deliver many of the promises its proponents had publicized. Today, AI is common on cellphones, websites, and even in some everyday home devices.

Further, AI is increasingly being used in the workplace to help streamline company operations, reduce overheads and improve employee performance. AI is transforming the way many companies work, including legal firms.

Companies like offer a huge range of software, built specifically for legal practices to help automate many common tasks and reduce time wastage. Integrating AI into your practice will free up employee time, allowing staff to work more productively and profitably. It can also improve the firm’s overall performance by introducing more consistency into the organization and standardizing work practices.

Technology and law firms: Monitoring productivity

It is common knowledge that time spent doing a task doesn’t necessarily equate to time spent productively. Often, employees encounter distractions or don’t perform at their highest levels for the entire workday.

Installing productivity monitoring apps on workers’ computers can help you supervise how well they perform throughout the day. For example, you can determine how long they spend doing certain tasks.

This type of software can also help you identify any gaps in their knowledge. These areas are ones where supplemental training might help them perform better.

Be sure to keep your business tech safe too as part of a strategy to protect your organization. From maintaining  a secure system to backing up data, there are many effective methods.

Allowing remote working

Technology and law firms, as well many other types of organizations, have transitioned to a largely remote workforce during the pandemic. As mentioned, lockdown forced the world to look at options for working from home.

In many cases, it has proven to be a great success. While it had some drawbacks, including feelings of loneliness, most employees were found to work better, more happily and more productively with a good work/life balance that comes with not having to travel daily to the workplace.

Connecting your workers to remote servers can let them work collaboratively on assignments. Meanwhile, project management apps allow you to monitor progress and help keep everyone in the loop about their various responsibilities.

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Looking ahead at technology and law firms

Some experts suggest that a fourth industrial revolution is coming soon. There is little doubt that computers and technology are changing lives forever.

By embracing tech now, you’ll be more likely to future-proof your legal firm and its services. This process will streamline how you work and improving employee and client satisfaction levels.

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