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Top stress-free wedding ideas

Stress-free wedding planning ideas and tips

Weddings are special occasions that are major defining moments in life. They provide a way for a couple to celebrate their love and commitment to one other, surrounded by close friends and family. While weddings look different during the pandemic, you can start to plan for when we’re on the other side of it if you want a bigger gathering. To help you do so, here are the top stress-free wedding planning ideas and tips.

Creating a special day

I remember I felt a lot of pressure to create the “perfect” day for my partner and me, as well as for our wedding guests. That resulted in the wedding becoming a huge ball of stress, which totally goes against the joy you wanted to surround this special day!

If you’re in this same situation, then rather than enjoying the lead-up to the ceremony, you might just want to get it over and done with. Fortunately, there are certain steps you can take to plan and ensure that your wedding remains as chill and happy as possible. These stress-free wedding planning tips are going to help you do exactly that.

Stress-free wedding planning with professionals

Certain tasks are ones that you will want to do yourself, while others will be ones that you gladly hand off to other people. For the ones that you’re not stoked about doing, consider getting a wedding planner.

What you decide to do yourself

Certain things you will want to be intimately involved with when organizing your wedding. That includes choosing a wedding gown and bridesmaid dresses. You can check stunning online bridesmaid dresses on Cicinia.

Other choices that are ones to do with your partner are to pick out the wedding rings and decide the ceremony’s location. You might even want to be involved in every last detail of the big day, from choosing the wedding favors to designing a menu for the reception.

What you assign to professionals for stress-free wedding ideas

However, all this organization can soon become overwhelming. That is particularly if you are not accustomed to planning large-scale events.

I was lucky to have a very organized sister-in-law to help me. She even created spreadsheets for different parts of the wedding day! Another great idea would be a clear party tent for an outdoor party on the wedding day.

My fiancé was awesome too. He spearheaded major decisions. For example, he organized the spreadsheet for the guest list and together we assigned guests to tables.

Of course, I recognize not everyone has this amazing help! I even suggested to my sister-in-law that she become a wedding planner. Seriously, she’s that good with coordination and planning family events.

Ahem, if you don’t have the help, you can benefit from hiring a professional in the industry. That means:

Consider hiring a wedding planner

A wedding planner in UK can take a lot off of your plate. This person has the experience, contacts, and training to know what they’re doing and when to do it. Then you have the peace of mind that your big day will have a professional organization, right down to the final detail.

Having this reassurance will leave you stress-free to enjoy the special pre-wedding period. Make sure you choose someone who you are comfortable describing details with, whether it’s a feminist wedding that you choose or another format.

A great wedding planner has connections within the industry, from flowers to food, so you can get what you want when you want it. They can sometimes even get you a better rate!

Hire catering and bartenders

Do you want a sit-down meal at your wedding reception or a buffet where guests can help themselves? A caterer will help you make the right decisions for your event regarding the menu.

They will listen to your preferences and abide by any dietary requirements. They will also serve food on time to stay within the tight schedule that all-day events such as weddings involve.

Don’t forget to hire bartenders for your wedding too, such as those found on They will ensure that guests always have a glass of their favorite beverage close at hand, whether it’s a cold beer or a complicated cocktail.

More stress-free wedding ideas: Book a great photographer

Photographs are some of the most important parts of a wedding ceremony. Photos capture memories you will look back fondly on and reminisce over the decades with your kids and grandchildren. You might even like to go one step further and have someone video and live stream your wedding.

That could be a good way of sharing the day with loved ones who are unable to attend in person. When hiring a wedding photographer or another media creator, ensure you check out that person’s reviews and portfolio before signing the contract.

Why do that? The reason is that nothing is more disappointing than wedding photographs that you are unhappy with. A friend of mine knows this all too well, unfortunately.

Ask to see photos the professional has done before to help you get a feel of their style. Also, many photographers offer an engagement shoot in the wedding package. This enables you to see what kinds of shots you can expect at the ceremony and reception.

What are some other ways to have a stress-free wedding?


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