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Set new goals in autumn to help you next year

set new goals in autumn

When we think of setting our personal goals, we usually think about the New Year. But fall is actually a great time to consider making some lifestyle changes. You don’t have to wait for NYE to start setting objectives for next year! If you haven’t already set new autumn goals, then here are two great ideas to inspire you.

Improving habits for next year, starting today

Rather than waiting for the end of December or January of the New Year, start now to set new goals and improve your habits. The sooner you set the objectives, the sooner you can start the path to self-improvement.

There might be targets that you made last year that was only partially achieved, or you may want to re-evaluate some existing goals after some recent discoveries. A great idea that’s already been featured on this blog is to fall back in love with yourself.

Many actions can improve your life, so why wait until the end of the year to start thinking about them? When you begin doing the brainstorming now, then you can have the pathway set clearly by January 1st.

Here are two new goals to set for autumn that can impact you positively next year:

1. Do a fall closet refresh

What better time than the changing of the seasons to declutter and give yourself a new style direction? After all, how you look can change your mood – for the better or not so good.

So, if you’ve been living in sweatpants during the pandemic, it could be time to try something different when dressing in the mornings. I know that from personal experience!

The switch to cooler temperatures is the perfect time to hit the reset button. Take the time to audit your closet. Go through the clothes you own that are suitable for fall.

Sort the clothes according to the new goals set

In one pile, place all the garments that are seasonal for spring and summer. Store these garments out of sight, whether in vacuum storage under the bed, up in the attic, or a storage locker, until you want to wear them again next year.

In a second pile, place all the things that no longer suit your style, fit your body, or that you know you’re not going to wear. That last category applies to impulse sale purchases with the tags still attached!

From there, you can decide what clothes you might want to re-sell on Depop or eBay, what you can donate, and what is torn or worn to the point that it is no longer salvageable.

In the third pile, place the clothes that are still good but need repair. For example, a skirt that needs the hem taken up, a zipper replaced, or a stain removed.

What you keep

Your final pile is for the clothing you’re keeping to wear this fall season. Take a photo or make a list of each of these items. Hear me out on this tip!

When you do that, then you can work out different outfit combinations. Pinterest is great for inspiration here. Just type in “black pencil skirt outfit” and get tons of fashionable ideas for how to style up your classic basics.

You’ll also see what’s missing in your wardrobe. That gives you the perfect excuse to go online to shop for items that will be useful and easy to integrate with your existing pieces hanging in the closet.

2. Set new goals in autumn with a financial’ refresh’

Another area that you might want to give a seasonal overhaul to is your personal finances. With the holiday season on the way, it could well be time to set some savings objectives ahead of time.

Monitor your spending

One way to do that easily is to use a money monitoring app. Another method is to go through your bank statements to assess your outgoings over the summer (and even farther back than that). Then, make adjustments based on what you’ve found out.

See where you can improve

Also, check for unused subscriptions that you can cancel, and decide where to adjust payments. For example, could you be paying off more on your credit card than you are right now?

If so, that single activity has the potential to cut your monthly payments, which probably have a significant interest rate attached to them.

Compare prices and think long-term

Then, use price comparison sites to find the best deal on necessary expenses, such as utilities. The Energy industry does not usually reward customer loyalty!

Think about your financial goals too. Do you want to own a home, start a business, or return to school? Having a realistic picture of your money situation is the key to making these big life changes happen soon.

Do you set new goals in autumn?

What are some other objectives to make this fall? Do you start thinking about these things before NYE as you consider how to make next year better? Or did you swear off New Year’s resolutions long ago?


Top photo by David Geib from Pexels

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