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5 stylish coats for winter: Which one to choose?

Outerwear is one of the first things people see when they meet you. This winter, it might be the only clothing people have to judge you on with the needed social distancing rules still in place and further restrictions coming in each day. Hush Style is the place to go for winter coats and accessories. Make the right impression by choosing the one that you love the most from these coats for winter.

Classic trench coats

Trench coats are long, glam and always in fashion. If layering jumpers or sweatshirts underneath, be sure to size up. They’re open at the neck so you’ll want to pair it with a scarf, especially if the trench coat conceals lockdown pyjamas.

The length of the coat means you can get away with thick winter leggings as long as you’re wearing knee-high boots. Remember that even when they’re buttoned all the way down, the bottom will open and close so pay more attention to what is on your legs. Waist-cinching belts distract from the spring bulge if you’re still having trouble shifting the lockdown pounds.

Synthetic fur trim for winter coats

The appeal of synthetic fur is its warmth. The coldest of winter days here tend to be mild.

Too mild for full faux fur where I live. You’ll boil in it. Fake fur adds a touch of class and style to a coat. The beauty of synthetic fur, apart from being cruelty-free, is that it comes in various animal prints.

Leopard print shows no signs of going away this winter so they’re great for coats for winter. A fur trim coat can come in any length so you’re going to need to consider what you wear underneath. Pants, skirts, and dresses all can look amazing with this type of coat for winter!

Wool blends

While the weather might be too mild for a faux-fur coat, depending where you live, it is ideal for wool blends. Wool blend coats tend to be the warmest coats appropriate for the mild climate and should be saved for the coldest days.

Size up to layer it too. Pair with scarves and ear muffs to stay warm.

Skinny jeans don’t look right with wool blend coats that stop at the bum. Just as well, though, as you’ll freeze in them. Wear with loose-fitting trousers instead.

Coats for winter: Go casual

Winter might be the first time some of us get to see loved ones since last winter, even if that is at a distance. With office Christmas parties cancelled, but pubs still open (for now) no one would hate you for going causal.

The Novella coat from Fontana 2.0 combines comfort with style for those rare trips out of the house. Size up to layer up. It isn’t a long coat, so what you wear underneath will count. To go from causal to glam, wear it with a muff.


Embroidered coats are great to add a bit of colour to wardrobes that are all black. A coat falling just below the bum will pair nicely with your all black clothing, whether this is skirts and tights or trousers.

Don’t sacrifice style this winter!


Top photo by Mihai Stefan Photography from Pexels

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