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Too much stress? Signs it’s time to see a professional

How do you know when is the right time to visit a psychologist or counselor? Stress affects many people, and there are plenty of ways to deal with it. Of course, you need to know that everyone has stress as it is a normal physical and emotional reaction with a purpose. It is a way of preparing for an impending danger and helps you stay alert when something important happens in our lives. But stress can ramp up and become overwhelming, particularly when it continues for a long time. How do you know if it’s too much stress and if you can combat it or if it requires professional help?

Helping yourself

From relaxation techniques to travel, you can keep your stress away. You could look at a Medical Spa, to help you feel and look good again. The feeling that you don’t look “good enough” may contribute massively to your headaches.

Sometimes, though this step isn’t enough. When you feel stressed, it can affect both your home life and career. Are you over stressed and need extra help? Only you can answer this but here are some key things to look at:

Does stress affect functionality at work, school, and home?

Are you so anxious that you postpone a presentation at work? Do you pretend to be sick to avoid a family reunion that makes you anxious thinking about being around so many people?

The above suggestions are signs of “pathological” stress. If stress significantly affects your ability to be yourself or to be what you want to be, then it’s definitely a good time to ask for help from a professional.

Is your stress higher in certain social environments?

Those who are important in your life, such as family and friends, know you very well. They can recognize when you are experiencing significant difficulties. Has such a person told you anything about your mood lately?

Have you noticed if any of your family members or friends are worried about your quality of life? Are they saying that you look tired?

Sometimes, others know us better than we do ourselves and can spot problems we are unable to see. It’s important to fall back in love with yourself. This guide explains more about how to love yourself.

How is your sleep and diet?

A good psychologist will first investigate sleeping and eating habits, as they are two things that every person faces in their daily life. If these two habits change, they are a sign that something is happening that needs addressing, sooner rather than later.

Have you noticed changes in your eating habits? Have you increased or decreased the amount of food? Has your sleep increased or decreased lately?

Not sleeping well or not eating a meal does not mean that you have a problem, as its appearance requires a repetitive pattern. If you haven’t been sleeping for a whole week or eating normally for an extended period, then it may be the time to see a professional. However, making minor changes can make huge differences in your life.

Small changes to make if feeling too much stress

Making small changes in your diet and lifestyle can improve your health. It can also improve your energy. Some examples are:

  • Start each day with a nutritious breakfast
  • Get 7-8 hours of sleep each night, if possible
  • Eat your meals sitting at a table, without distractions
  • Eat more homemade meals
  • Learn to eat when you are really hungry and stop when you are full
  • Reduce your portion size by 20%
  • Stop drinking your coffee with sugar
  • Make wholemeal bread sandwiches and spread mustard instead of mayonnaise
  • Every few hours, eat a nutritious snack with few calories, e.g. a fruit
  • Drink more water and less sugary drinks

Here are two more tips to leave you with. Cook your meals with herbs, vinegar, mustard or lemon instead of greasy sauces. Limit alcohol too; it’s not easy to do but your mood will be more stable for it, both at the time and the next day!

If there is too much stress and these small changes don’t help, it’s time to look into seeing a professional to help you feel better. They can provide a safe environment to talk about what is troubling you and provide a path to better mental health.

2 thoughts on “Too much stress? Signs it’s time to see a professional”

  1. A very timely post with World Mental Health Day just around the corner. And a really good point about how sometimes those that love us but have that outsider perspective can see things we’re in too deep to see. Stress can become so ingrained and I think especially with high functioning stress it can be hard to see how exhausted we are and how big a problem it really is. Super post! xx

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