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3 genius proposal ideas: Romantic ways to inspire you

Genius proposal ideas: Romantic ways

The best and most romantic ways to propose are those that are unique. After all, it’s not just anyone who is getting engaged here! The pair of you are special as individuals and so great together. Find three genius proposal ideas here when you’re in need of inspiration.

Bring in your pet: My engagement story

Of course, I’ll have to start with what my hubby did for me. He had planned to have the ring on a necklace attached to our cat and come into my home office to propose with both our fur kids. So cute! After all, this is our family.

Unfortunately, there was no cooperation on the furry side and, eventually, hubby got frustrated and threw the cats into my office. Then he threw himself down by me sitting at my chair, frustrated that his necklace plan had not worked out. He asked me if I would marry “us” (the three of them).

I said yes, and in a few months we will celebrate our one-year anniversary. It’s the pets for the win!

More genius proposal ideas: Head to the beach

There are many great ways to propose at the beach. Perhaps you get to the favorite spot you two have been going to for a while now and write out both of your initials in a heart on the sand. Sprinkle rose petals around it as an extra touch.

Ask your lovely partner to meet you there and arrange to do those special touches before their arrival. Upon getting there, they will think what you’ve done is adorable and want to give you a hug.

As they go in for a welcoming embrace, say something like “Wait, there’s more!” and bring out the perfect engagement ring. Ideas like this one are special because of the thoughtfulness behind them.

Romantic ways to propose to the avid reader

Let’s say that your partner is a bookworm. They constantly have a book on the go, keeping one at the bedside table to read a few pages before drifting off to sleep at night.

Others keep their read in a purse or the car for easy accessibility, devouring paragraphs between errands while waiting for the kids to get out of school, or awaiting an appointment.

One of the genius proposal ideas for the bookworm is to tie the ring to their bookmark with a ribbon and add a special note too. If they don’t normally use a bookmark but dog-ear pages instead, then use your handwritten love letter as the bookmark itself.

By the way, I am all about old-fashioned ways of showing affection, such as a love letter. What about you?

Create a website

What, you want more genius proposal ideas? Here you go.

OK so maybe you already have a website or maybe you don’t… But even if not, don’t let that stop you from doing this one. You can create a site (yes, there are free ones) with even just one page that showcases your love and devotion.

Create a stunning homepage that features photos of the two of you, as well as love quotes and written descriptions of some of your favorite moments together. Make it clear across the top of the homepage that you’re proposing marriage as you type those all-important words, “Will you marry me?”

Then, leave your gal or guy a note with the website name on it in a place where you know they’ll see it, such as the bathroom counter in the morning. Or, text the link to them.

They will be shocked by the site, and immediately come to you. I’m crossing my fingers for an enthusiastic “Yes!” in response to this one! Then they can share the website with loved ones.

Creating a genuine moment creates a bond that gets you through challenging moments, including the stress of wedding planning and potentially having your partner express a desire to have a prenup. Your love is what will endure, and disagreements can help make you two stronger in the end.

On genius proposal ideas

These are only some of the many creative and romantic ways to propose to your Hunny. They are special, indeed. You’ll also notice that these ones aren’t over the top.

After all, the most important thing is the sweet, intimate moment. That’s more important (in my opinion) than spending a huge amount of money on a big trip or helicopter ride for two.

Finally, these ideas are ones that anyone can use to pop the question. That’s right, it’s not just the guys who propose these days, and I love that. A recent trend is engagement rings for men.

Feel free to share your engagement story or one of someone you know or heard about that you adore. Let’s talk love!

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