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How to get rid of sentimental clutter and spend more intentionally (+ free printables)

Getting rid of clutter

Getting rid of thoughtful gifts or your childhood teddy bear can pull at your heartstrings. Every time you’re decluttering your living area, you may throw unused items in a box just to be stored in the back of your attic or garage. While they’re stored away, being unused, the thought that you would get rid of sentimental clutter still makes you feel guilty and anxious.

As fall rolls around, you may be thinking about cleaning through your living area once again — but this time really declutter. If you and your loved ones commit to a cleaning reboot, it may be the right time to say goodbye to some items that aren’t serving you or your family anymore. To get rid of sentimental clutter, minus the guilt, check out our go-to tips and printables below!

Make it a challenge to get rid of sentimental clutter

Challenges inspire most of us to get what we need to be done faster and better. Whether you’re decluttering your home by yourself or with your family, make it a challenge to declutter your home in 30 days.

Print out this sentimental decluttering challenge for everyone who intends to participate. Also, decide who will take on what cleaning responsibilities and see who gets each done faster!

Get rid of sentimental clutter

Decluttering your home

Practice gratitude while decluttering

The goal to get rid of sentimental clutter is often harder to say goodbye to compared to others. But, practice gratitude for what you do have.

Not only will you get rid of things that don’t serve you anymore, but you may also find yourself saving more real estate in your budget. Download and print out our reflection sheet to help you stay on the right decluttering track.

Decluttering gratitude

Gratitude journal

Repurpose, reuse, and recycle

Save the earth and your wallet while decluttering. As you sift through plastics, electronics, and paper products, stay mindful of what you’re able to recycle or gift to someone who may use it.

Set aside all electronics you’d like to dispose of to ensure you’re recycling them as needed. As you make future purchases, ensure you’re investing your money in items that’ll last you years.

Getting rid of items that have a special place in your heart can be hard. Yet, the feeling of a clean living space can feel more than refreshing. This new school year, start on the right foot and challenge your family to declutter your living area. See who finishes first to win a yummy ice cream cone (but check in on your budget before doing so).

Get rid of sentimental clutter

Waste sorting printable

23 thoughts on “How to get rid of sentimental clutter and spend more intentionally (+ free printables)”

  1. We have been culling our items now for years. Once the items have a new home, or are donated, it is always a good feeling. Your thoughts of making it into a contest would work for a family and make it fun for everyone involved.

  2. Oof yes what an article! I spent this last weekend cleaning out my closet and wow. It really takes a long time for me because I feel like I have to touch everything and look over all of it, but once I decide to donate things it feels so good. It feels like a weight has been lifted off of me

  3. Oh, I love the topic of this post. We have very little stuff in our tiny house, but my mother is the opposite and keeps everything. While I understand it is hard to gt rid of things, there has to be a line between purpose, practicality, order and sentimentality. Big challenge for many! I suppose it helps to be intentional about the things we keep, hold on to what adds value, and let go of those that have already served its purpose and will be appreciated by others more.

    1. Letting go is absolutely more difficult with some things than others because of the sentimental value. I appreciate what you’re saying here and how you are at your home versus your mother’s. Wishing you a great week ahead!

  4. Michelle (Boomer Eco Crusader)

    Clearing clutter is definitely an ongoing process. The more decluttering guides I read, the more I realize organization is not my issue. We just have too much stuff. Living with a packrat doesn’t help the cause. LOL

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