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Household relocation is stressful: Move easier with this guide

Household relocation: Move easier

When you have to move across the state, country, or even to another part of the world for work or personal reasons, the prospect of doing so can be overwhelming. There is a lot to think about, from what possessions to keep or donate to how to fit in all the to-do tasks before the big day. Household relocation involves stress, including selling your current home, but you can keep stress to a minimum with these five tips that make a move easier.

Create a comprehensive checklist for your household move

A thorough moving checklist will simplify your life dramatically because it will provide peace of mind that you won’t forget to do any important tasks. Among the things to put on the list are canceling your account with the utility provider or organizing a cleaning company to handle the post-move clean-up.

Be sure to set up your checklist based on when the relevant duties need to be completed, such as:

  • Eight weeks before moving
  • Six weeks before moving
  • One month before moving

Rent a storage unit

Do yourself a favor and search for “storage units near me” at least a month before you are due to vacate your old residence. There are countless benefits to renting a storage unit when moving is in the near future.

The main advantage is that it enables you to start packing well ahead of time and gradually declutter your home’s interior as you go. The sooner that you can start packing your belongings, the less panic there will be the day before the household relocation!

Move easier when you have a labeling system

A strategic labeling system will make it easier to identify your boxes and figure out which items are where. A good place to start is to label each box based on which room it belongs to and then assign it a specific number.

Keep track of these numbers on a piece of paper, taking the time to carefully list every item placed within the boxes. If this approach doesn’t quite work for you, then don’t hesitate to get creative!

Before the household relocation, take some time off

Don’t try to continue working your full-time job as the big day edges ever closer. By taking a few days off to take care of the last-minute necessities, complete your packing duties, and breathe, the big day is sure to run as smoothly as hoped so you can move easier than it might have been in the past.

It also pays to schedule your move during the week (except for Friday) as opposed to over the weekend for a variety of reasons. Why is that?

Firstly, you might receive a cheaper quote considering that moving companies are typically less busy on weekdays than Saturdays and Sundays. Secondly, you won’t feel quite as rushed knowing that the chances are unlikely that the company has many other clients’ moving needs to attend to that later that day.

Take extra time too if you have mobility issues and are moving. Reach out for support too; you don’t have to do it alone.

Move boxes into the correct rooms too

If you are lucky enough to have a moving company assisting you with the move, request that each box be placed in its correct room to make the process of unpacking infinitely easier. Ensure that, through your new and effective labeling system, you clearly indicate which box belongs where along with a brief description of what is included inside them.

Follow these straightforward guidelines and you will be one step closer to a household relocation with less stress. Do you have any other tips for an easy move?

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